Cocktails: Chocolate Martini

We are back! And this time we bring you an awesome cocktail recipe that you will certainly love! Introducing the most sweet, delicious and stylish cocktail yet.


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Cocktail Recipe: Very Blueberry

This one is perfect for those who may want a well-rounded cocktail, with a soft flavor and a fruity taste! One of the easier cocktails to prepare 🙂

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Cocktail Recipe: Sea breeze

Today’s cocktail is based in simpler ingredients, to allow you to prepare it almost anywhere and with very accessible ingredients. It has a somewhat strong taste, and is recommended to moderate it’s consumption.

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Cóctel Red Elixir (Elixir Rojo)

¿Estás sufriendo por el calor insoportable? Bueno, aquí está la receta para que no sufras más, con este cóctel sentirás una experiencia realmente refrescante.


-Vodka de Frambuesa

-Jugo de arándano


-Cubos de hielo

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