FX Studio Pro Review: Simple Is Better

We have reviewed quite a few photography apps for Mac and iOS, and true is that Apple’s platform have a certain attraction with photos, videos and everything related with creativity and memories. There are some great apps that can turn a photo into vivid memory for a family, some of them are hard to use, complicated, dedicated to professionals, others are simple and have a small selection of options so the regular user can have a nice photo too.

FX Studio Pro from Macphun is the second kind of app: is simple, everybody can use it and it has a limited range of options. It is the Instagram for the Mac, has a lot of filters and frames and with a few clicks you can have a great photo. But there’s something that puts FX Studio Pro over a big part of his competitors: It’s not designed for children, it doesn’t look like a core photography photo app; with a few clicks you can have your great photo, the way you want, not the way the filters want.

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iPad Mini…una historia de amor?

…“las tablets de 7 pulgadas están atravesadas: demasiado grande para competir con un smartphone y demasiado pequeñas para competir con el iPad”…Esas fueron las palabras de Steve Jobs, el mercado ha evolucionado desde su muerte y la nueva “amenaza” en la horizonte de Apple es el auge de las tabletas de 7 pulgadas con Android. No es como que están siquiera cerca de igualar las ventas del iPad, pero un enemigo es un enemigo, más si el enemigo esta reduciendo la cantidad de dinero que llega al bolsillo de Apple. Hoy en día tenemos una gran cantidad de rumores en la web acerca de un nuevo iPad Mini, un iPad de 7 pulgadas, el mismo tamaño que la tableta de Android más común, la Kindle Fire, del mismo tamaño que Steve Jobs condenó hace dos años. Hoy en día el mercado es diferente y en Japón, los usuarios prefiere una tablet mas pequeña y más portátil (creo que es por las manos pequeñas), pero todas traen sistema operativo Android …y bueno hay una palabra perfecta para describirlo … desorden, sí, es un completo desorden, y no me odien, esa es la verdad de Android.

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Mini iPad…a love story?

…“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad” …Those are Steve Jobs words, the market has evolved since his dead and the new “threat” on Apple horizon it’s the rise of the mini tablets with Android. It’s not like they are even close to match the iPad sales but, an enemy it’s an enemy, more if the enemy its reducing money from Apple’s pocket. Today we get a lot of rumors in the web about a new iPad Mini, a 7 inch iPad, the same size that Android most common tablet, the Kindle Fire, same size that Steve Jobs doomed two years ago. Today the market it’s different and in Japan the costumers prefers a small tablet cause it’s more portable (I think it’s for the small hands) but the Android OS…well there’s a perfect word to describe it…mess, yes it’s a complete mess, and don’t hate me, that’s the reality.  Continue reading

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