iPad Mini release date confirmed & Microsoft Surface price revealed

This is a big week for the tablet market, two new competitors were announced, well one, as usually Apple sent the media invitations but they don’t say what is about but we are 90% sure that is going to be the new iPad mini or nano. Microsoft on the other hand has announced the Surface RT price and they are ready to be pre-ordered.

The price of the Surface is quite a big surprise, 499 USD (the same as an iPad) and being honest, I can’t find what justify that big price. The Surface is bigger than the iPad (10.6 vs 9.7 inches) but it lacks on some points as for example the connectivity  Wifi only, and the big weak point is the screen resolution, it is a 147 ppi screen (the iPad has 265 ppi) which is just lame. Microsoft has announced the dead of Surface when they announced those prices. You can’t compete with the iPad if you have less things to offer than the iPad and definitely, you can’t put a 499 price tag on it. The so announced Touch Cover is going to cost an extra 100 USD so the model with the touch cover or the type cover will cost 599 USD.a

The rumors about the iPad mini are very strong but we know very little about it. We think the iPad mini will be as same as technological level as the iPad 2 but a little bit smaller and cheap. We are betting on a 299 USD price tag for the basic 16 GB version but we don’t know that yet, next week we will have the Apple presentation and the summary of it.

Microsoft Surface Pre-Order Website

iPad Mini…una historia de amor?

…“las tablets de 7 pulgadas están atravesadas: demasiado grande para competir con un smartphone y demasiado pequeñas para competir con el iPad”…Esas fueron las palabras de Steve Jobs, el mercado ha evolucionado desde su muerte y la nueva “amenaza” en la horizonte de Apple es el auge de las tabletas de 7 pulgadas con Android. No es como que están siquiera cerca de igualar las ventas del iPad, pero un enemigo es un enemigo, más si el enemigo esta reduciendo la cantidad de dinero que llega al bolsillo de Apple. Hoy en día tenemos una gran cantidad de rumores en la web acerca de un nuevo iPad Mini, un iPad de 7 pulgadas, el mismo tamaño que la tableta de Android más común, la Kindle Fire, del mismo tamaño que Steve Jobs condenó hace dos años. Hoy en día el mercado es diferente y en Japón, los usuarios prefiere una tablet mas pequeña y más portátil (creo que es por las manos pequeñas), pero todas traen sistema operativo Android …y bueno hay una palabra perfecta para describirlo … desorden, sí, es un completo desorden, y no me odien, esa es la verdad de Android.

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Mini iPad…a love story?

…“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad” …Those are Steve Jobs words, the market has evolved since his dead and the new “threat” on Apple horizon it’s the rise of the mini tablets with Android. It’s not like they are even close to match the iPad sales but, an enemy it’s an enemy, more if the enemy its reducing money from Apple’s pocket. Today we get a lot of rumors in the web about a new iPad Mini, a 7 inch iPad, the same size that Android most common tablet, the Kindle Fire, same size that Steve Jobs doomed two years ago. Today the market it’s different and in Japan the costumers prefers a small tablet cause it’s more portable (I think it’s for the small hands) but the Android OS…well there’s a perfect word to describe it…mess, yes it’s a complete mess, and don’t hate me, that’s the reality.  Continue reading