Windows Magician Review: Mac just got easier for pro users

When you are using Logic Pro, Photoshop or any other big program with tons of windows to manage it can be a mess. As a user for Logic Pro studio I know what I’m saying. Loops window, mixer window, instruments window and many more at the same time. You can use Spaces to get everything in order, but there’s another way now.

It’s called windows magician, an application for Mac that let’s you choose the size and location of every window for every time you open it. For example, in Logic Pro I like to have my loops on the left side, with a medium size and in the bottom the mixer. Before windows magician I had to establish those windows every time I open it but that’s old story now.


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FX Studio Pro Review: Simple Is Better

We have reviewed quite a few photography apps for Mac and iOS, and true is that Apple’s platform have a certain attraction with photos, videos and everything related with creativity and memories. There are some great apps that can turn a photo into vivid memory for a family, some of them are hard to use, complicated, dedicated to professionals, others are simple and have a small selection of options so the regular user can have a nice photo too.

FX Studio Pro from Macphun is the second kind of app: is simple, everybody can use it and it has a limited range of options. It is the Instagram for the Mac, has a lot of filters and frames and with a few clicks you can have a great photo. But there’s something that puts FX Studio Pro over a big part of his competitors: It’s not designed for children, it doesn’t look like a core photography photo app; with a few clicks you can have your great photo, the way you want, not the way the filters want.

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OSX 10.8.2, Finally Facebook is here!

Today not only iOS 6 was released, also a new update for Mountain Lion which enable several new functions. Here’s the list of the new things for OSX 10.8.2


But hell, lets get to the point. Integrating your Facebook account in OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) is incredibly easy:

1) Go to System Preferences and click in “Mail, Contacts & Calendars”

2) In the right column you will be shown all the different services that you can set up and integrate. Among them Facebook will show up. Select it. (Note: if there is no such list at the right column, click on the ” + ” symbol to add a new service.)

3) Fill your account login data and select what features you want to share with Mountain Lion.

4) There is no step 4. You have already configured and integrated Facebook!

From now on, on the notifications area you will be able to update your status just like you were able to send tweets. Enjoy!

Data Backup 3 Review: The best way to be protected against a disaster!

Prosoft Engineering has a Master’s Degree on data management and data protection, Data Backup 3 is the ultimate tool for major changes on your computer Hard Drive Disk (HDD). This utility software help you with the creation of backups for your computer information, and it does it really well. The first time that you open Data Backup 3 several options will be unfamiliar to you,, but if you are a regular user don’t bother, just select a destination and what you want backup!

It is an amazing tool for those planing on changing their HDD, or maybe for keeping all of your precious information really secure and ready for any disaster. The interface is clean and it has an Information Log that will be really useful if you don’t know what you have to do.

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Typinator: type less, write more

Are you familiar with the “autocomplete” functionality that many smartphones have when writing? Do you use many abbreviations in chats to answer fast? You want to be able to quickly insert URL’s, images or even the current date without actually having to write or paste them? You want to increase your productivity when writing texts? Well, for this and more, you must read this!


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KeyCue review: All your Mac’s apps’ shortcuts in one place!

You always forget the hotkeys of Finder, Chrome, Photoshop, or any other app? You want to have an easy way to acces all those complicated shortcuts from one place? You want to discover new hotkeys and speed-up your workflow? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, keep reading!


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Boom: Raise your Mac’s volume to the sky and more

This time we are bringing you an app that will transform you Mac’s built-in speakers (or any connected to your Mac) into high-power speakers, making you forget about those awkward moments where you were watching a video in an open space and couldn’t hear a thing, when you were showing your friends a new song but they couldn’t hear, or maybe that time when you simply wanted more power into your music!


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Drive Genius 3 Review: The best choice to keep your Mac in shape

In this occasion we are presenting you the most powerful Mac hard drive utility, the best way to keep it as fast as new!

Yes, we all know that Mac computers have the best performance of the market, but even they are susceptible to losing it after some time without proper maintenance. If you feel that your Mac has began to lose some speed, files take ages to load, or simply want to check what is going on on every hard drive connected to it? You want to clone your drive? Maybe get rid of useless file stored in the depths of your HD?  Well, search no more, and keep reading to discover all the functions of this awesome software, so great that is used by Apple itself and Genius Bar members!

Image from Official Site

Image from Official Site

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Hear Review: Improve your Mac’s or Windows PC sound!

The sound from our Mac may be good, but if you have a speakers set, a home theatre or a pair of high quality headphones you may be lacking the proper equalization to truly exploit all the potential those sound systems have. The easiest way to improve your computer’s sound is through a sound card, but they are not only expensive, but many times your computer is not compatible.

In OSX and Windows there is an easier (and cheaper) way to do it: Hear

Hear is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to fully customize all the audio coming from the computer, from equalizing and selecting volume base on decibels, to more complex things, like adding a 3D-effect to your music and sounds! This software is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 /10.6 /10.7 /10.8 or Windows XP/Vista/7.

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How To: Take control of your Mac’s fans

Does your Mac gets too hot? You hate all the noise your Mac’s fans do? You want to take full control of them, thus selecting even the temperature you want your system to be? Well, here is the answer!

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