FX Studio Pro Review: Simple Is Better

We have reviewed quite a few photography apps for Mac and iOS, and true is that Apple’s platform have a certain attraction with photos, videos and everything related with creativity and memories. There are some great apps that can turn a photo into vivid memory for a family, some of them are hard to use, complicated, dedicated to professionals, others are simple and have a small selection of options so the regular user can have a nice photo too.

FX Studio Pro from Macphun is the second kind of app: is simple, everybody can use it and it has a limited range of options. It is the Instagram for the Mac, has a lot of filters and frames and with a few clicks you can have a great photo. But there’s something that puts FX Studio Pro over a big part of his competitors: It’s not designed for children, it doesn’t look like a core photography photo app; with a few clicks you can have your great photo, the way you want, not the way the filters want.

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iPhone 5, Should I buy it?

Well let’s be really quick here for the answer, if you have an iPhone 4S the answer is that IS NOT WORTH IT, but if you don’t have and iPhone or do you own the iPhone 4 or 3GS yes, you should buy the iPhone 5, why and why not?.

Why not if you have the iPhone 4S?

Well…the change is not that big, I mean, getting another iPhone just for what Apple announced if you have the iPhone 4S is not very clever, let’s list here the things that Apple presented and we think is not a big advantage above the the iPhone 4S.

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier; from now on you’ll need to become a true ghost

This is the last title released by Ubisoft so far, and his biggest bet yet. Ghost Recon Future Soldier has got a whole turn with respect to last games, changing from the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2’s open war to a more tactic, sneaky game, where surprise factor can turn the tide of a battle.

Which smartphone to buy?

¿Android or iOS? That’s an important decision to make. Well, of course we also have Windows Phone, but is it actually good? ¿Is Blackberry as bad as it’s said? “I don’t wanna know anything about sophisticated specs, I just want to have Facebook and WhatsApp” On this ever-changing world, technology takes enormous steps each year, and smartphones follow it’s path. Than can make all this “technical specs” thing really confusing for those who are not so well informed.

This post is exactly about that. We will help you to choose your correct smartphone by making all this “technology world” accessible for even the most misinformed people. To do that, we took the time to make a small comparative chart, where you can easily see the strong points and weak points of each one of our 6 selected “emblematic” smartphones.

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Valoración de Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Este impresionante juego fue creado para iOS y Android, ofrece una gran experiencia con FPS en tu dispositivo móvil con los mejores gráficos hasta la fecha. Desarrollado por Gameloft, un conocido desarrollador de vídeo juegos para aquellos que tienen un smartphone, MC3 ofrece una campaña para un jugador con trece misiones (tal vez no las originales, pero llenas de acción) y un multijugador que acepta hasta doce jugadores, ambos tipos de juego ofrecen una gran experiencia .

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Un vistazo al rock progresivo

Porcupine Tree es una banda de rock progresivo que tiene unos cuantos años en el negocio y son buenos, sus integrantes son músicos muy talentosos. El baterista, Gavin Harrison, es una bestia, y se puede escuchar desatada durante canciones como Anesthetize o Way Out of Here ambas canciones del disco Fear of a Blank Planet el cual es un disco tremendo.

Vamos a hablar de ese álbum, creo que tal vez es uno de los mejores CD de rock progresivo que he escuchado, y ¿por qué?, simple, su producción sólida y grande aunado a sus letras impresionantes; no estoy bromeando, Porcupine Tree es un hijo de Pink Floyd, pero ellos tienen su propias creaciones aparte de la herencia su padre. El disco tiene sólo seis canciones, pero cuando escuché el disco me di cuenta de que todas ellas son grandiosas, fantásticas y representan un mundo, una historia completa que puede secuestrarlo de su vida diaria. Continue reading

A sneak peek to Progressive Rock

Porcupine Tree  it’s a progressive rock band that has quite a few years in the business and they are good, they have real musicians on their lines. The drummer, Gavin Harrison, it’s a beast and can be hear unleashed during songs like Anesthetize or Way Out of Here both songs from the record Fear of a Blank Planet which it’s a tremendous album.

Let’s talk about that album, I think that maybe its one of the best prog-rock CD I ever heard, and why? simple, its solid, great production and awesome lyrics, I’m not kidding, obviously Porcupine Tree its a son of Pink Floyd but they have their own creation apart from their father. It has only six songs but when you heard the album they are all great, they are all fantastic and represent a world, a complete story that can abduct you from your daily life. Continue reading

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

This awesome game was created for iOS and Android and delivers a great experience with FPS on your mobile device with the best graphics to the date.  Developed by Gameloft, a well-known video games developer for those who have a smartphone, MC3 has a single-player campaign with thirteen missions (maybe not originals but action packed) and a twelve-player multiplayer, both of them deliver a great experience.

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