DesktopLyrics 2.0 Review: The best way to display your song’s lyrics

Some of us like to sing our favorite songs, and to do that you need first to learn their lyrics. Can you imagine having a song’s lyrics automatically displayed in your desktop whenever an iTunes song (with lyrics) is playing in your Mac? Well, imagine no more, as we have the perfect solution for that and some other nice touches!

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On the spotlight: Sylvium Band

The music industry is on the constant move is very money hungry. Because of this some people stopped calling it music, some “artist” are big clowns and most of the pop popular singers doesn’t actually know how to sing.They look good and they have a big marketing campaign.

But well you can say, he doesn’t sing very well but is very talented with the instruments…nope, they don’t play any instrument some times, the repetitive music box, the same synthesizers and rhythm in almost all the songs. But not everything is lost, some groups stay away from the mainstream and do an amazing music job, one of those groups is Sylvium.


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Reseña de Tarjeta Externa de Audio USB de 7.1 Canales por Encore Electronics

Encore Electronics tiene una oferta especial para nosotros con este producto. Es una Tarjeta de Sonido Externa que se conecta a tu computadora vía USB y es mucho más barata que instalar una tarjeta de sonido nueva que iguale este desarrollo. En el exterior es una caja realmente pequeña construida con una gran calidad, en el interior es un monstruo por un precio tan bajo, $ 30 USD aproximadamente, y créanme no es algo construido de manera pobre.

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Encore Electronics 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box Review

Encore Electronics has a special deal for us with this product. It is an External Sound Card that connects with your computer via USB and is a lot cheaper than installing a new sound card that matches this performance. In the outside is a very small box with a great quality build, in the inside is a monster for this price, 30 USD and believe me, it is not a poor build.

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Boom: Raise your Mac’s volume to the sky and more

This time we are bringing you an app that will transform you Mac’s built-in speakers (or any connected to your Mac) into high-power speakers, making you forget about those awkward moments where you were watching a video in an open space and couldn’t hear a thing, when you were showing your friends a new song but they couldn’t hear, or maybe that time when you simply wanted more power into your music!


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Hear Review: Improve your Mac’s or Windows PC sound!

The sound from our Mac may be good, but if you have a speakers set, a home theatre or a pair of high quality headphones you may be lacking the proper equalization to truly exploit all the potential those sound systems have. The easiest way to improve your computer’s sound is through a sound card, but they are not only expensive, but many times your computer is not compatible.

In OSX and Windows there is an easier (and cheaper) way to do it: Hear

Hear is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to fully customize all the audio coming from the computer, from equalizing and selecting volume base on decibels, to more complex things, like adding a 3D-effect to your music and sounds! This software is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 /10.6 /10.7 /10.8 or Windows XP/Vista/7.

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Improve your iDevice’s music quality

Nowadays the iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) offer an excellent music platform, but if you are one of those like me that love music and want to gat the best out of your new headphones, like Bose or Beats, you may have noticed that sometimes songs aren’t well balanced; they may have too much bass lines or have not enough mediums. If you want to be able to equalize each one of your songs in your iDevice and be able to perceive the most slight detail in each one, keep reading! Continue reading

One of The Best Rock Concerts…ever!

For those who know Queen, you know that Freddie Mercury was a showman. For those who don’t know Queen, shame on you.

Here’s maybe the best Queen’s concert and one of the best rock concerts ever! Enjoy