DesktopLyrics 2.0 Review: The best way to display your song’s lyrics

Some of us like to sing our favorite songs, and to do that you need first to learn their lyrics. Can you imagine having a song’s lyrics automatically displayed in your desktop whenever an iTunes song (with lyrics) is playing in your Mac? Well, imagine no more, as we have the perfect solution for that and some other nice touches!

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Snapheal Review: Take great photos and make them perfect

Sometimes you take a nice pic but there are some “unwanted” objects on it, like someone in the background, birds in a clear sky or even bigger obstacles, like cars. In those situations you have 3 options: do nothing about it :S, try using some advanced and expensive program like Photoshop, or use SnapHeal to remove them!

Snapheal is photography and image edition app from Macphun available in the Mac App Store.

This app has several tools which will let you edit many aspects of your image:

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OSX 10.8.2, Finally Facebook is here!

Today not only iOS 6 was released, also a new update for Mountain Lion which enable several new functions. Here’s the list of the new things for OSX 10.8.2


But hell, lets get to the point. Integrating your Facebook account in OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) is incredibly easy:

1) Go to System Preferences and click in “Mail, Contacts & Calendars”

2) In the right column you will be shown all the different services that you can set up and integrate. Among them Facebook will show up. Select it. (Note: if there is no such list at the right column, click on the ” + ” symbol to add a new service.)

3) Fill your account login data and select what features you want to share with Mountain Lion.

4) There is no step 4. You have already configured and integrated Facebook!

From now on, on the notifications area you will be able to update your status just like you were able to send tweets. Enjoy!

Pixelmator Review: A powerful but simple image editor for Mac

For all of you out there that are starting into photography, those who like photo editing but don’t like to spend hours learning to use Photoshop’s tools, or even if your hobby is photo and image edition, the perfect companion has arrived, and with all the power of you Mac!

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Typinator: type less, write more

Are you familiar with the “autocomplete” functionality that many smartphones have when writing? Do you use many abbreviations in chats to answer fast? You want to be able to quickly insert URL’s, images or even the current date without actually having to write or paste them? You want to increase your productivity when writing texts? Well, for this and more, you must read this!


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KeyCue review: All your Mac’s apps’ shortcuts in one place!

You always forget the hotkeys of Finder, Chrome, Photoshop, or any other app? You want to have an easy way to acces all those complicated shortcuts from one place? You want to discover new hotkeys and speed-up your workflow? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, keep reading!


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Drive Genius 3 Review: The best choice to keep your Mac in shape

In this occasion we are presenting you the most powerful Mac hard drive utility, the best way to keep it as fast as new!

Yes, we all know that Mac computers have the best performance of the market, but even they are susceptible to losing it after some time without proper maintenance. If you feel that your Mac has began to lose some speed, files take ages to load, or simply want to check what is going on on every hard drive connected to it? You want to clone your drive? Maybe get rid of useless file stored in the depths of your HD?  Well, search no more, and keep reading to discover all the functions of this awesome software, so great that is used by Apple itself and Genius Bar members!

Image from Official Site

Image from Official Site

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Hear Review: Improve your Mac’s or Windows PC sound!

The sound from our Mac may be good, but if you have a speakers set, a home theatre or a pair of high quality headphones you may be lacking the proper equalization to truly exploit all the potential those sound systems have. The easiest way to improve your computer’s sound is through a sound card, but they are not only expensive, but many times your computer is not compatible.

In OSX and Windows there is an easier (and cheaper) way to do it: Hear

Hear is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to fully customize all the audio coming from the computer, from equalizing and selecting volume base on decibels, to more complex things, like adding a 3D-effect to your music and sounds! This software is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 /10.6 /10.7 /10.8 or Windows XP/Vista/7.

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Reseña de Hear: Cómo mejorar el sonido de tu Mac o Windows.

El sonido que nos da actualmente el sistema Mac es satisfactorio pero si se tienen unas buenas bocinas u audífonos puede ser que no se aprovechen al máximo. La manera más efectiva para mejorar el sonido de una computadora es comprando una tarjeta de sonido mejor pero eso muchas veces puede resultar algo caro. En OSX existe una solución más fácil, se llama Hear, es una pequeña aplicación que nos deja personalizar a fondo el sonido de todo OSX no solo de iTunes, incluso hasta nos permite agregar efecto 3D a la música. Este programa es compatible con Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 o Windows XP/Vista/7

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How to delete ANY application in Mac

Do you have an app that you can’t uninstall? Maybe a panel in the System Preferences that you installed but now you want to get rid of? Sometimes deleting an app in Mac is not as easy as throwing them into the trash: you need to also delete all the files related to them. Doing that is a time-consuming, tedious task, but we have the solution! Keep reading

Image from official site

Image from official site

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