iExplorer 3 Review: get more from your iDevice

The iDevices are great products, the iOS interface is fast and clean but it has some little things that are not so great. For example, you can’t connect an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and use it as a USB Drive, you can’t do anything more than charge it if it’s not from iTunes and sometimes is better just to be going and adding files and music from different computers without the syncing/deleting process.

This can be really annoying sometimes and there’s no reason of why your iDevice can’t do that. This is where iExplorer from Macroplant gets in. Is an amazing little App that can help you a lot, is simple, is nice, great looking and it gives you full access to your iDevice, let’s check the best features of this program.

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Windows Magician Review: Mac just got easier for pro users

When you are using Logic Pro, Photoshop or any other big program with tons of windows to manage it can be a mess. As a user for Logic Pro studio I know what I’m saying. Loops window, mixer window, instruments window and many more at the same time. You can use Spaces to get everything in order, but there’s another way now.

It’s called windows magician, an application for Mac that let’s you choose the size and location of every window for every time you open it. For example, in Logic Pro I like to have my loops on the left side, with a medium size and in the bottom the mixer. Before windows magician I had to establish those windows every time I open it but that’s old story now.


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Voila Review: Capture your Mac Screen and take it to a new level.

Voila is a software from Global Delight developed for OSX, is a Screen Capture and Editing software that’s pretty handy and it offers more options than the competition. This is not just a screen capture program: you can record parts of the screen, full-screen or objects in the screen. The interface is simple and useful, in the top section we can between the capturing options of the program.

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TotalFinder, a must-have!

If you own a Mac, then you know what Finder is and how it works. Basically is a powerful file browser, but it has many other functionalities that are sometimes hidden or just unpractical. Do you want to be able to create tabs and move them, just like in Google Chrome? You want a dual-screen view? You want to easily access the Finder with only one key, from anywhere? Keep reading!

Image from the TotalFinder official site

Image from the TotalFinder official site

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Spaces in Mountain Lion

Are you one of those who loved how Spaces+Expose worked in Snow Leopard? Do you miss your grid configuration, where you could easily assign an app to a certain position? Do you want it back in Lion or Mountain Lion? Well, here at Genius at Everything we have the solution:

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How To: Integrate Facebook on Mountain Lion

The Facebook Integration that we saw in the WWDC during the presentation of Mountain Lion is actually only available for developers…or it was. If you don’t wanna wait until the iOS 6 release to have this integration on your Mac, just download the file at the end of the post and install just like any other application. To activate this feature once installed is like with Twitter, showed here.

UPDATE: The new OSX 10.8.2 update is on and it already has the Facebook integration, read what’s new here.

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Como activar (integrar) Facebook en Mountain Lion

Actualmente la integración de Facebook en Mountain Lion sólo está disponible para desarrolladores…bueno, estaba. Si no quieres esperar a que salga iOS 6 para que Apple lance esta integración en OSX solo descarga el archivo .DMG que está al final del post e instálalo como cualquier otra aplicación, para activar la integración se hace igual que la de Twitter, como se explica aquí.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: La nueva versión de OSX, 10.8.2 ya trae esta integración, lee lo que trae de nuevo esta actualización aquí.

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Mountain Lion…is it worth the 20 bucks?

Well to make this post short, yes, is worth it. C’mon is 20 bucks, the installation takes like 40 minutes and you get some new iOS features for OSX. From now on is OSX, no more Mac OSX by the way. Really nice notification center, iMessage (which can be integrated with gmail chat), GameCenter, AirPlay (really improved), a better Safari with some cool features like sharing and iCloud Tabs, iCloud for iWork in your iOS and OSX, some stability improves, speed, etc.

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AirPlay Mirroring Mountain Lion…Simplemente magnífico

Mountain Lion fue estrenado hoy a un precio de 19.99 USD y nosotros lo tenemos, lo estamos probando y buscando todos los detalles del nuevo sistema operativo. Después de las pruebas con películas y el videojuego Batman Arkham Asylum los resultados son impresionantes. Aquí están algunos puntos destacados de estas pruebas.

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Windows, un mal necesario.

El sistema operativo Windows 7 ha recogido buenas críticas desde su lanzamiento. Especialistas consideraron que el nuevo sistema operativo de Microsoft representa el fin de la pesadilla que significó para los usuarios su antecesor, Windows Vista, y que es tán bonito como las cosas que hace Apple y no te trata como un burro.

Debo comenzar por explicar que un sistema operativo (OS), de manera sencilla lo podemos definir como el programa base o plataforma sobre el cual los demás programas de las computadoras operan. Los dos sistemas operativos más populares del mercado son Windows y Mac OSX. Continue reading