iPad Mini release date confirmed & Microsoft Surface price revealed

This is a big week for the tablet market, two new competitors were announced, well one, as usually Apple sent the media invitations but they don’t say what is about but we are 90% sure that is going to be the new iPad mini or nano. Microsoft on the other hand has announced the Surface RT price and they are ready to be pre-ordered.

The price of the Surface is quite a big surprise, 499 USD (the same as an iPad) and being honest, I can’t find what justify that big price. The Surface is bigger than the iPad (10.6 vs 9.7 inches) but it lacks on some points as for example the connectivity  Wifi only, and the big weak point is the screen resolution, it is a 147 ppi screen (the iPad has 265 ppi) which is just lame. Microsoft has announced the dead of Surface when they announced those prices. You can’t compete with the iPad if you have less things to offer than the iPad and definitely, you can’t put a 499 price tag on it. The so announced Touch Cover is going to cost an extra 100 USD so the model with the touch cover or the type cover will cost 599 USD.a

The rumors about the iPad mini are very strong but we know very little about it. We think the iPad mini will be as same as technological level as the iPad 2 but a little bit smaller and cheap. We are betting on a 299 USD price tag for the basic 16 GB version but we don’t know that yet, next week we will have the Apple presentation and the summary of it.

Microsoft Surface Pre-Order Website

AirServer Review: AirPlay on Windows & Mac!

AirPlay is one of the features than can turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a mobile game console or a media center. Normally this feature is only available for the Apple TV, but that was the pass.

AirServer is a program for Windows and Mac that allows the use of your computer for AirPlay, this means that you can use your monitor as a screen for your iDevice. You can play all of your games on your computer screen using your iPhone as a controller and even add some Post Processing to make it look even better.

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The biggest innovation from Apple

Sure, the iOS 6 and Mountain Lion are the innovation from Apple in this year….but you wanna know which is the greatest Apple innovation from all time? Watch the video

Puffin, you will never use Safari again on your iDevice

Safari is a great web browser and is the one I used on my iMac, but in the iPad/iPhone is not so great. You don’t have flash and you can’t see online movies or tv shows on all the webpages, but that’s over and Puffin is the Safari killer (in media and speed).
Is not faster as Safari in iOS 6 (here’s the link to install iOS 6) but is faster than Safari on iOS 5. The big plus and the main use of Puffin is not web browser, is to wach online stream videos even in HD.

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Improve your iDevice’s music quality

Nowadays the iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) offer an excellent music platform, but if you are one of those like me that love music and want to gat the best out of your new headphones, like Bose or Beats, you may have noticed that sometimes songs aren’t well balanced; they may have too much bass lines or have not enough mediums. If you want to be able to equalize each one of your songs in your iDevice and be able to perceive the most slight detail in each one, keep reading! Continue reading

Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iPad

If you have a jailbreaked iPad or you just jailbreaked your’s, you might wanna add some nice features through Cydia. If you haven’t done the jailbreak and you wanna do it here’s our Step by Step Tutorial for Unthered Jailbreak .

There are tons of things to download in Cydia so here’s a small list of tweaks that we think are cool and you might want to add to your iPad. Continue reading

Mejora la calidad de la música de tu iDevice

Actualmente los iDevice (iPad/iPhone/iPod) ofrecen una plataforma de música muy buena, rápida y eficiente. Pero si eres de esas personas como yo que les encanta la música y tienen un par de audífonos de calidad de seguro ya te diste cuenta que a veces la calidad de la música no da todo el ancho que podrían dar nuestros audífonos, o si tienes audífonos normales sientes que a veces el ecualizador integrado del iDevice no ofrece una modificación como quisiéramos para aumentar los graves.

Todo esto tiene una solución, una simple aplicación llamada eQu. Es un ecualizador paramétrico totalmente personalizable y con una interfaz muy elegante con opciones de personalización. Esta app se integra con el iDevice como lo hace la aplicación de Música que viene por default. Se puede cambiar canciones desde la pantalla de bloqueo, ver la portada del albúm y si tienes audífonos con control multimedia hacer total uso de este control para reproducir, adelantar o regresarte a una canción y subir o bajar de volumen.

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Apple TV: We bought it, we tried it, and here is the veredict…

Here at Genius at Everything we are very into technology, and we love getting our hands over all the new devices that are released into the market, and then sharing with you our most objective opinions about them. Today is the time for the new Apple TV:


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Apple TV, lo compramos, lo probamos y aquí están los resultados.

Aquí en Genius at Everything nos encanta la tecnología y nos encanta probar nuevos aparatos para poder dar una opinión lo más objetiva posible acerca del mismo. Hoy le toca al Apple TV, recién comprada y sacada de la caja para probarla y dar los resultados. 

Ok, ¿qué es esta pequeña caja negra elegante? es en sí un centro multimedia, en él podemos rentar películas, compartir nuestra música de iTunes y mostrar en un televisor el contenido de nuestro iDevices. Después de las pruebas de hoy aquí está lo más destacado. Continue reading

Valoración de Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Este impresionante juego fue creado para iOS y Android, ofrece una gran experiencia con FPS en tu dispositivo móvil con los mejores gráficos hasta la fecha. Desarrollado por Gameloft, un conocido desarrollador de vídeo juegos para aquellos que tienen un smartphone, MC3 ofrece una campaña para un jugador con trece misiones (tal vez no las originales, pero llenas de acción) y un multijugador que acepta hasta doce jugadores, ambos tipos de juego ofrecen una gran experiencia .

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