FX Studio Pro Review: Simple Is Better

We have reviewed quite a few photography apps for Mac and iOS, and true is that Apple’s platform have a certain attraction with photos, videos and everything related with creativity and memories. There are some great apps that can turn a photo into vivid memory for a family, some of them are hard to use, complicated, dedicated to professionals, others are simple and have a small selection of options so the regular user can have a nice photo too.

FX Studio Pro from Macphun is the second kind of app: is simple, everybody can use it and it has a limited range of options. It is the Instagram for the Mac, has a lot of filters and frames and with a few clicks you can have a great photo. But there’s something that puts FX Studio Pro over a big part of his competitors: It’s not designed for children, it doesn’t look like a core photography photo app; with a few clicks you can have your great photo, the way you want, not the way the filters want.

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Worst song cover…ever!

Here’s the original….


And here’s the…I don’t know how to call it…it will be the “mistake”…

How To: Activate AirPlay in Mountain Lion

Airplay is one of the best features of Mountain Lion and it’s really simple to activate.

Click on  “Apple TV”. The AirPlay symbol will be blue while the Screen Mirroring is active, to deactivate just click on “AirPlay Mirroring: Off” and that’s it!

One of The Best Rock Concerts…ever!

For those who know Queen, you know that Freddie Mercury was a showman. For those who don’t know Queen, shame on you.

Here’s maybe the best Queen’s concert and one of the best rock concerts ever! Enjoy

Steve Aoki: Wonderland Remixed 5/5


Se trata de un disco recopilatorio de los mejores remixes del album Wonderland, lanzado originalmente el día 10 de enero del 2012; mas un tema nuevo, Beat Down. En esta edición, lanzada hace apenas unos días (el 10 de julio para ser exactos). El disco, sigue la receta de incluir un poco de cada estilo de música electrónica, pasando del clásico Electro House, hasta con toques del ya muy extendido dubstep. A continuación el tracklist:

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The Walking Dead, drama y una historia de zombies

Este programa creo que es muy famoso y una gran cantidad de personas lo han visto, pero tal vez no toda la serie, o quizás nunca lo has visto, es por eso que en la parte inferior de este post encontrarán los enlaces para ver esta grandiosa serie y como siempre, en línea, gratis, con el audio en inglés y subtítulos en español.

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Touch, from now on you will see the numbers different

Keifer Sutherland comes back with a new TV show, really really different from 24. I loved 24 and I really enjoyed while it last but now Keifer has a little surprise for us. Touch is a brand new TV show, different world from 24, no more bullets, or spies…but we still have big corporations with secrets. The show it’s about an autistic kid named Jake who can see the past, the present and the future through numbers, he doesn’t speak or allow to be touched by anyone. Kiefer character is Martin Bohm, Jake’s father, and his role is to follow sequence of numbers that Jake gives to him and they eventually save someone or sometime good happens in the universe.

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The Walking Dead, drama and a terrifying zombie story

This program I think it’s pretty famous and a lot of people have seen it but maybe not the entire series, or maybe you never seen it, that’s why in the bottom of this post there will be the links to watch the show and like always, online, free, english sound and spanish subs.

Now let’s talk about TWD (The Walking Dead), this is a comic-based series about zombies and apocalypse…that sounds like the same stuff that all the summers with new crap movies with the same story but different names and locations, so why it’s so important this one?, why deserve to be mentioned? Well thats because this program adds a new whole view to the “zombie world”, here we have real characters, yes, people with troubles, with ghost from the past, people that doesn’t now how to shoot like a SEAL. The drama in this show is what gives the new view, the fresh style to the series, don’t think this is a soap opera, no, this is a scary story but with people. Continue reading