DesktopLyrics 2.0 Review: The best way to display your song’s lyrics

Some of us like to sing our favorite songs, and to do that you need first to learn their lyrics. Can you imagine having a song’s lyrics automatically displayed in your desktop whenever an iTunes song (with lyrics) is playing in your Mac? Well, imagine no more, as we have the perfect solution for that and some other nice touches!

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iStudiez Pro Review: The Best iOS & OSX School Tool

The iOS devices hare one of the most used gadgets out there and with a really really big number of applications in the App Store the possibilities are enormous, and so is the risk of buying an app that doesn’t do what we need. There are apps that let you keep track of some important things or your school schedule, apps to remind you some task and on top of all that apps there’s iStudiez Pro.

iStudiez Pro is a time manager and assignments reminder that works just flawlessly, is beautiful designed and have some great features that will mark the difference between the other apps that belongs to the bunch and this amazing app, keep reading and learn what it does and participate to win the App.


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Camera Plus Pro Review: Your profesional photos are one touch away.

When you search for a photo app for your iDevice you will find that there’re a lot…a lot of options, which from the outside look the same and it appears that they all do the same. That might be true, but some apps are more than that, like…

 Camera Plus Pro from Global Delight

We tested it and to be honest we are delighted with the app, is fast, clean, nice and with filters and options that not all the apps have. Let’s review the app step by step. The photo here was taken by me with my iPhone 4S and Camera Plus Pro
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Puffin, you will never use Safari again on your iDevice

Safari is a great web browser and is the one I used on my iMac, but in the iPad/iPhone is not so great. You don’t have flash and you can’t see online movies or tv shows on all the webpages, but that’s over and Puffin is the Safari killer (in media and speed).
Is not faster as Safari in iOS 6 (here’s the link to install iOS 6) but is faster than Safari on iOS 5. The big plus and the main use of Puffin is not web browser, is to wach online stream videos even in HD.

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Improve your iDevice’s music quality

Nowadays the iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) offer an excellent music platform, but if you are one of those like me that love music and want to gat the best out of your new headphones, like Bose or Beats, you may have noticed that sometimes songs aren’t well balanced; they may have too much bass lines or have not enough mediums. If you want to be able to equalize each one of your songs in your iDevice and be able to perceive the most slight detail in each one, keep reading! Continue reading