Cocktails: Chocolate Martini

We are back! And this time we bring you an awesome cocktail recipe that you will certainly love! Introducing the most sweet, delicious and stylish cocktail yet.


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DesktopLyrics 2.0 Review: The best way to display your song’s lyrics

Some of us like to sing our favorite songs, and to do that you need first to learn their lyrics. Can you imagine having a song’s lyrics automatically displayed in your desktop whenever an iTunes song (with lyrics) is playing in your Mac? Well, imagine no more, as we have the perfect solution for that and some other nice touches!

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MacPilot Review: Absolute control over your Mac

If you are one of those who like to have your computer completely customized, with full control over more than 1000 aspects of the software, and to hace advanced tools to do it, please keep reading, as we will present you the best way to do it!

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NetSpot Review: “Everything you want to know about Wi-Fi, for FREE”

Sometimes we have problems with the Wi-Fi: The signal is too weak, the speed is too slow, you don’t have coverage in certain areas of your home or office, or you may even have too many noise sources around you. This review is about an app that will let you get all the information you need about Wi-Fi coverage, signal strength, noise-level and much more. Keep reading!



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Snapheal Review: Take great photos and make them perfect

Sometimes you take a nice pic but there are some “unwanted” objects on it, like someone in the background, birds in a clear sky or even bigger obstacles, like cars. In those situations you have 3 options: do nothing about it :S, try using some advanced and expensive program like Photoshop, or use SnapHeal to remove them!

Snapheal is photography and image edition app from Macphun available in the Mac App Store.

This app has several tools which will let you edit many aspects of your image:

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Pixelmator Review: A powerful but simple image editor for Mac

For all of you out there that are starting into photography, those who like photo editing but don’t like to spend hours learning to use Photoshop’s tools, or even if your hobby is photo and image edition, the perfect companion has arrived, and with all the power of you Mac!

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Data Rescue 3 Review: There’s no such thing as “lost data”

Say goodbye to those frustrating situations when you accidentally delete some important files in your hard drive and you are left to regret it. Say goodbye to losing your most valued photos stored in your computer after the hard drive suffers a critical error. No more “lost files”. Keep reading to find out how to recover any kind of lost file in your hard drive, from deleted archives to corrupted data. Everything is recoverable!

Data Rescue 3

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Typinator: type less, write more

Are you familiar with the “autocomplete” functionality that many smartphones have when writing? Do you use many abbreviations in chats to answer fast? You want to be able to quickly insert URL’s, images or even the current date without actually having to write or paste them? You want to increase your productivity when writing texts? Well, for this and more, you must read this!


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KeyCue review: All your Mac’s apps’ shortcuts in one place!

You always forget the hotkeys of Finder, Chrome, Photoshop, or any other app? You want to have an easy way to acces all those complicated shortcuts from one place? You want to discover new hotkeys and speed-up your workflow? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, keep reading!


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Boom: Raise your Mac’s volume to the sky and more

This time we are bringing you an app that will transform you Mac’s built-in speakers (or any connected to your Mac) into high-power speakers, making you forget about those awkward moments where you were watching a video in an open space and couldn’t hear a thing, when you were showing your friends a new song but they couldn’t hear, or maybe that time when you simply wanted more power into your music!


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