DesktopLyrics 2.0 Review: The best way to display your song’s lyrics

Some of us like to sing our favorite songs, and to do that you need first to learn their lyrics. Can you imagine having a song’s lyrics automatically displayed in your desktop whenever an iTunes song (with lyrics) is playing in your Mac? Well, imagine no more, as we have the perfect solution for that and some other nice touches!

The solution is called DesktopLyrics, by Corecode. 

This software it’s the perfect app for the job: it works in the background, waiting for you to play a song in iTunes. When that happens, if the song has lyrics attached to it, DesktopLyrics displays them in your desktop. But wait, it’s not that raw; you have several options to configure the behavior of the app. Now I will talk about some of them:


As you may see, you can choose to start the app at login (recommended) and to have it in the menubar instead of the dock. As of behavior, you can display or hide the album cover artwork (if any), configure what info will be shown about the song, like title, artist(s), album name, year and more.

In the appearance section you can select the font and color of the lyrics, the size, line spacing and even a separate color for the song info and a shadow to increase contrast. Isn’t this great?

 The second section of the app has preferences about the display of the lyrics and cover artwork. First an image to make the explanation easier:

Ok, now the details: the indents let you decide how many pixels you want to be left between the border of the screen and the content. That is very useful if you want to avoid obstructing your dock (if it’s on the side of the screen). Then vertical and horizontal text alignments let you justify the text to the left, center or right, depending on your own likes. What other app lets you do this in Mac? None as great as this one.

The last part it’s about the album cover artwork. You can choose the size of the image and the exact position (in pixels) you want it to be. The screen of the computer in the menu will be updated to let you pre-visualize the final position of the content.

Finally, you can select in wich screen (if you have more than one) the lyrics shall be displayed.

But wait! There is more! One of the best features DesktopLyrics has are the lyrics search function and the lyrics set function. As the name suggests, those tools let you easily obtain the lyrics of the song currently playing, so you save time searching the song and then the lyrics. You don’t even need to be in iTunes: everything is done from the menubar, so you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Here is the official site to download the incredible app. Now, before the end a couple of screenshots of my own Mac, so you can take a peek of what you can get:

Text Alignment: Left; Album Cover Artwork 500px; Shadow color: black.


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