MacPilot Review: Absolute control over your Mac

If you are one of those who like to have your computer completely customized, with full control over more than 1000 aspects of the software, and to hace advanced tools to do it, please keep reading, as we will present you the best way to do it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, with you: Mac Pilot 4 from Koingo Software

This incredible application for Mac allows you to access all the hidden parameters in your computer, from an user-friendly interface. This is the best option for those who don’t want to mess up with the commands in Terminal, or simply if you want an easier way to modify default settings. It has several panels, each one focused in one type of tasks. Here we will talk about some of them, but remember that you can always check the full list of features on the official site.


As the name suggests, here you will find options to modify settings in some of the main Mac apps, like Safari, Finder, iTunes and iMessages. There is a list containing every supported app, along with it’s commands. You will also find some extras, like the fonts of the apps, the Dashboard and even System Preferences. There is a main list, but you can also choose from a “Popular” and a “Favorites” list, to be shown some of the most used tweaks.


This section is some sort of Disk Utility, but with the main difference that it has more advanced options here. You will not only be able to check all the data about a disk’s size, total available space, number and size of blocks, but also make changes to the power manager, so you can choose when to put your disks asleep after some time without activity.


Well, this is probably only for advanced users, but it’s worth the mention. Here you can choose from some types of startup, like debug mode or safe mode, you can choose how many CPU threads you use, how much RAM memory you want the system to use, some advanced debugger features and a nice touch: muting the startup chime.


Self-explicative, from that menu you will be able to fully customize every energy consumption aspect of your computer. When to wake up the computer, exactly how many minutes you want the computer to wait until the disk(s) go asleep, choose between the integrated GPU or the discrete one (if available), select the type of hibernation you want and much more.

File Browser:

This useful tool will allow you to browse through your computer’s file like never before: see ALL the files, even those hidden or protected, completely measure the size of a file or folder, get a load of technical data of a file (more than you probably knew existed), quickly check when the file or folder was created, last modified and even what system created it (Windows or Mac).

Modify the color or label of the folders, decide who can access that file and who can’t, restablish permissions and much much more!

Those were just a few of all the possibilities that Mac Pilot has to offer you. Don’t hesitate and give it a try. You won’t get disappointed.


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