iExplorer 3 Review: get more from your iDevice

The iDevices are great products, the iOS interface is fast and clean but it has some little things that are not so great. For example, you can’t connect an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and use it as a USB Drive, you can’t do anything more than charge it if it’s not from iTunes and sometimes is better just to be going and adding files and music from different computers without the syncing/deleting process.

This can be really annoying sometimes and there’s no reason of why your iDevice can’t do that. This is where iExplorer from Macroplant gets in. Is an amazing little App that can help you a lot, is simple, is nice, great looking and it gives you full access to your iDevice, let’s check the best features of this program.


This is one of my favorites and it’s the most handy in my case, with this option your iDevice will appear as a normal USB and you can browse through your files like you would normally do on a USB Drive. If you want to store something to your iDevice while in this mode just click & drop and it will start doing it, you can set this options as a default every time you plug-in your iDevice and even when the iDevice is mounted as I disk it doesn’t interrupt any of the iTunes functions. To get the iDevice mounted just right-click and click on the “mount as a disk” option.

Custom Backups

One of a kind option and very useful, here you can select what you want to backup and even browse through your messages, voicemail, contacts and everything that can be saved to your computer. All of this information can be exported and going through it is very fast and clean, the interface puts everything easy because the design is just perfect and so is the selection of colors. And as a plus to this awesome feature the App shows automatically all the backups on your computer from all of your devices.

Contacts, SMS, VoiceMail, iTunes Auto-Transfer, Bookmarks & Everything!

Yes, you can control all of that, copy, cut, share every inch of the Data of your iDevice. The auto-transfer tool is just amazing, connect an iDevice, click auto-transfer and all of the music in that device will go automatically to your iTunes Library. But this is a little smart than this, the duplicates will not transfer to iTunes, so don’t worry, you won’t have the same song 5 times if you download the music from all of your friends iDevices.

TOTAL control of your media

iTunes get’s just useless when you can’t sync music from several computers but that’s not a problem at all with iExplorer because you can’t skip the syncing and go straight to dropping songs in your iDevice without loosing everything. The same goes for the movies, podcast and everything, it just turns your iDevice in a USB Flash Drive!

We didn’t find any “con” while using this App, fast, clean, beautiful design and it does his jobs without hesitation, that’s why we love it and we recommend it to every user that need to have a full control over his device with or without the need to jailbreak it.

There’s not much more to say, but to conclude, is one of the best iDevice manager, without limitation to the users a fast performance and incredible compatibility with the iDevices is totally worth the price. When you buy iExplorer it can be activated in two computers, pretty handy for sure. We love it, we recommend it and is free to try!

iExplorer HomePage

2 comments on “iExplorer 3 Review: get more from your iDevice

  1. Looks good, but $35 for media transfer utility – that’s far too much… Also, it’s kinda complicated to start the software, wait for it to load and only then drag your music to your device. I found PhoneStick and it doesn’t have UI at all. It just turns my iPhone into flash drive, which is exactly what I needed, it just doesn’t get simpler. The bast part – it’s cheaper –

    • Best option for me so far! They have actually upgraded it and it is now iStick by Softorino dudes. No iTunes sync, its super easy, nice design.

      I have no complaints and completely recommend it to everyone!

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