Windows Magician Review: Mac just got easier for pro users

When you are using Logic Pro, Photoshop or any other big program with tons of windows to manage it can be a mess. As a user for Logic Pro studio I know what I’m saying. Loops window, mixer window, instruments window and many more at the same time. You can use Spaces to get everything in order, but there’s another way now.

It’s called windows magician, an application for Mac that let’s you choose the size and location of every window for every time you open it. For example, in Logic Pro I like to have my loops on the left side, with a medium size and in the bottom the mixer. Before windows magician I had to establish those windows every time I open it but that’s old story now.


Koingo is the responsible for this organizer software and let’s talk about their positive points.

– Very deep customization.
– Runs on the background without disturbing.
– Can modify Finder windows and windows from any program.
– No keyboard shortcuts to use it.

When you are in a Pro program the last thing that you want are more shortcuts because they are all used and Windows Magician will not use any of them, because you setup your windows preferences one time and that’s it, the parameters will last forever or until you change them.

No App is made only of good points, there are bad points too and let’s mark them.

– User interface can be complex to the normal user.
– Windows location has to be chosen by pixels, there are not any little diagrams with a preview of where the window will be.

Those are not real “problems” they are just a few things that can be improved to make the App better. Koingo has developed a great app for those Pro users that need their work to be done without any troubles.

Easy windows for best performance can make a difference, thrust me, you will never use a Pro App again after Koingo.

Windows Magician Homepage


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