FX Studio Pro Review: Simple Is Better

We have reviewed quite a few photography apps for Mac and iOS, and true is that Apple’s platform have a certain attraction with photos, videos and everything related with creativity and memories. There are some great apps that can turn a photo into vivid memory for a family, some of them are hard to use, complicated, dedicated to professionals, others are simple and have a small selection of options so the regular user can have a nice photo too.

FX Studio Pro from Macphun is the second kind of app: is simple, everybody can use it and it has a limited range of options. It is the Instagram for the Mac, has a lot of filters and frames and with a few clicks you can have a great photo. But there’s something that puts FX Studio Pro over a big part of his competitors: It’s not designed for children, it doesn’t look like a core photography photo app; with a few clicks you can have your great photo, the way you want, not the way the filters want.

There are a few things that a good photography app should have and one of those is the simplicity to grab your photos and put them into the app. FX Studio Pro has a big 10/10 there, it’s super easy and comes with 3 ways of doing it, let’s check them out:

Load Image:

This is the classic way to do it, just go and search for the photo like in most applications.

Import Image:

You might be wondering the difference between import and load; it is big: while you choose the photo from your files with the “Load Image” option, with Import Image you have absolute control over your iPhoto Library and is just fast and efficient.

Drag & Drop:

This is not a mystery, just grab a photo and drop it inside the app.

You can see how easy and efficient is to grab your photo and edit it with FX Studio Pro, and that should be the first thing that a photo app should have, if the app you are using isn’t this easy and efficient please remove it and never used it again (just kidding, but you got the idea right?).

The interface is just great, it works, is efficient and just look at it, your Mac will look better while you have this open and the optional background allows you to see every detail on your photo without burning your eyes. The presets are very well organized, they appear on the bottom and there are a lot of them classified according to the style.

Once you have selected one preset you can edit it and choose how much you want from that preset and mix it with others, once you have the perfect mix just hit favorites and save it so you can have it later, like I said, simple and powerful.

Split View:

This is an option very very useful for a photo app, on the left side the original will appear an on the right side is the modified version, you can do a great comparison and see how many changes are on the photo. If you don’t like a change just click on Undo on the top right side and problem solved.

While you are performing all of this, doing changes, cropping, rotating and more you won’t experience a slow performance, we even used a 16 megapixel photo and the result was smooth and we never faced a slow performance while applying changes to a photo, nice touch for a “basic” photo app.


We love to share our photos on our social networks, and let the world see us in several ways, here’s another star for FX Studio Pro. Is just so simple as in iPhoto to share our creations and let the people see our skills as photographers or our best moments. With this and all the other features described above, the big and wide selection of presets, the split view and other stuff FX Studio Pro has an honorable mention.

The Good:

– Tons of effects.

– Very powerful and well designed

– The Split View and Share options are a nice touch.

The Bad:

– It may be too simple for professional photographers, but it can handle their photos too.

-You may have to use another app for certain kinds of edition, like pixel-level or “healing

FX Studio Pro Homepage


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