Photographer’s Starter Pack for Mac: A Photoshop Alternative

We all know the Mac is a beautiful piece of hardware and that their marketing campaign is always exalting the creativity that the Mac offers to their users. So, you just bought your Mac and you love photography, iPhoto is too dumb, Aperture is expensive and Photoshop has everything but this one is really expensive. But for those starting photographers or photographers with a small budget there are other programs that do a lot for you, together they are a strong rival to Photoshop and they cost 1/10 of the Photoshop price.

Let’s number the three programs that we think are a better alternative than Photoshop  if you want to save money.

“Klix – Digital Picture Recovery Software is the easiest, robust photo recovery software available.” – Prosoft Website.

This is a very very simple program, but it is just amazing.  And the advertising from Prosoft doesn’t lie, it really works. As a new photographer you might have a great camera from Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc; And they all storage your pictures on a MicroSD/SD card, this means you can erase them while looking for more space or maybe you are a little bit clumsy and hit the erase button for accident, that precious photo is gone.

Well not anymore, with Klix you insert your MicroSD/SD card on your Mac and all the erased photos can be restored from there, we think this is a pretty cool software that can save your best photos and it does have a big compatibility.

Agfa ** Fuji Kodak Minolta Phillips Sharp
Argus FujiFilm Konica NEC Polaroid Sony
Canon Hitachi Kyocera Nikon Ricoh Toshiba
Casio HP Leica ** Olympus Samsung Verbatim
Chinon Imation Lexar Panasonic SanDisk Vivitar
Epson JVC LG Pentax Sanyo Yashica

** Please Note: Klix will not recover pictures after a format operation in Olympus and Fuji cameras using XD media.

Klix Price: 19.99 at Prosoft Website

Pixelmator: A powerful but simple image editor for Mac

For all of you out there that are starting into photography, those who like photo editing but don’t like to spend hours learning to use Photoshop’s tools, or even if your hobby is photo and image edition, the perfect companion has arrived, and with all the power of you Mac!

Pixelmator is the app from the Mac App Store that will make you feel like a professional designer. We found it while we were searching for the best photo editing software to include into this starter pack, and since then we have tested the app with all kind of pictures and images, and the results are amazing

We already reviewed Pixelmator and if you want to know more here’s the review.

Pixelmator Price: 14.99 at Mac App Store

Snapheal: Take great photos and make them perfect

Sometimes you take a nice pic but there are some “unwanted” objects on it, like someone in the background, birds in a clear sky or even bigger obstacles, like cars. In those situations you have 3 options: do nothing about it :S, try using some advanced and expensive program like Photoshop, or use SnapHeal to remove them!

Snapheal is photography and image edition app from Macphun available in the Mac App Store. This app has several tools which will let you edit many aspects of your image like you do in Photoshop but much more simpler, we already reviewed this App and here’s the link for the review.

Snapheal Price: 7.99 (is normally 19.99) at the Mac App Store

This three little programs can do a lot, read our full deep review of Snapheal and Pixelmator and you will find that they do a lot of things and have a low price, the total sum is 45 to 60 USD which is almost nothing compared to the 699 USD price for the basic version of Photoshop.


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