iStudiez Pro Review: The Best iOS & OSX School Tool

The iOS devices hare one of the most used gadgets out there and with a really really big number of applications in the App Store the possibilities are enormous, and so is the risk of buying an app that doesn’t do what we need. There are apps that let you keep track of some important things or your school schedule, apps to remind you some task and on top of all that apps there’s iStudiez Pro.

iStudiez Pro is a time manager and assignments reminder that works just flawlessly, is beautiful designed and have some great features that will mark the difference between the other apps that belongs to the bunch and this amazing app, keep reading and learn what it does and participate to win the App.


It looks just beautiful, just brilliant, it looks like if it where designed by Apple because it match perfectly with iOS and the integration is just excellent. The notifications can be set to the class, exams or assignments.

When you add your own courses is very very easy, you select the days of the week, the hour, the professor (optional) the type of class (optional too) and that’s it! It can’t be more easy. Once you add your courses the extra options just crush the competition, add exams, assignments to that class and the best best part, when you are adding an assignment you can choose when you wanna receive the notification and who are your team partners incase you have.

Of course, you don’t have to add manually the notification for each exam, class or homework, in the settings you choose the default time and it will set that for everything and also there you can activate the grades so you keep track of them too!


Everything you need is here, I have been using this app for one week everyday and there are no bugs or data loss because it has his own Cloud Storage system that you can sync with your other iDevices or with the Mac Version that is just perfect too.

You can manually backup the data in case that you need a physical sample on your computer. I have several apps that “do the same” and they cost twice more and none of them are good as this one, you won’t get a better app to help you with assignments and schedules than this one, I widely recommend it. This app cost .99 USD (the iOS version) but is by far, the best on his category.


This review was possible because the great people behind iStudiez Pro sent me some copies for me to try it out and review it and believe me, is just great, beautiful design and perfect performance. In case you don’t believe me you can download the lite version from the App Store.

If you want to participate and win a free full copy of this app just like us on Facebook and post on our wall this:

“I want the iOS version of iStudiez Pro”


“I want the Mac version of iStudiez Pro”

Here’s the home page of this great app.


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