Snapheal Review: Take great photos and make them perfect

Sometimes you take a nice pic but there are some “unwanted” objects on it, like someone in the background, birds in a clear sky or even bigger obstacles, like cars. In those situations you have 3 options: do nothing about it :S, try using some advanced and expensive program like Photoshop, or use SnapHeal to remove them!

Snapheal is photography and image edition app from Macphun available in the Mac App Store.

This app has several tools which will let you edit many aspects of your image:


As the name says, this tool is in charge of deleting unwanted elements present in your picture. It’s incredibly easy to use, however is really powerful (we tested it against Photoshop’s equivalent tool), so you don’t have to worry about obstacles in your pics never again.

Here is a sample of this tool’s work:





Clone & Stamp:

Another tool for correcting your photos. It clones a certain area of the image and then “pastes” it over the area to be corrected, so you delete the imperfection. The best application for this is for facial imperfections and small details that you want to disguise.






This tool lets you adjust brightness and contrast, the saturation of the colors, turn them into cold or warm colors, make shadows more bright or highlights less bright, sharpen the image, reduce the noise and mucho more!





You can also import photos directly from Aperture and iPhoto, so you don’t have to waste time exporting them and then opening them in Snapheal. You can then easily export your healed photos to Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto.

Snapheal is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion), so it will take full advantage of all the new features available, and all the power of your Mac.

Mac App Store Link


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