On the spotlight: Sylvium Band

The music industry is on the constant move is very money hungry. Because of this some people stopped calling it music, some “artist” are big clowns and most of the pop popular singers doesn’t actually know how to sing.They look good and they have a big marketing campaign.

But well you can say, he doesn’t sing very well but is very talented with the instruments…nope, they don’t play any instrument some times, the repetitive music box, the same synthesizers and rhythm in almost all the songs. But not everything is lost, some groups stay away from the mainstream and do an amazing music job, one of those groups is Sylvium.


This is a very very independent group, excellent music and yes, is instrumental. The music mix created by this group is very unique, it has rock, ambient music and progressive rock in just three songs which they are very good.

The guitar performance is beautiful made, with high power riff mixed with calm moments, very short calm moments. I loved this band, the way they created this work. This is their first and only work for the moment, a three songs EP called Purified.

If you are a mainstream listener stay away, if you don’t use your brain while listening to music, stay away. This is a real musician work, inspired only by the love to the music. I will try to get a more closer interview with Sylvium and please, listen to their music. Support them so more work can be done in the future.

Band Official Website.


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