PicBackMan Review: Backup your pictures for free!

We recently reviewed Data Backup 3, an excellent Mac OSX software for keeping your information safe but today we are going with Windows. There are many, many programs for Windows to back up data and is a big spiderweb some of them, however there’s a simple solution for the people who only need their photos in a safe place, is PicBackMan.

This is by far one of the simplest backup software I have ever tested, it is so simple that It don’t even look like a backup software. Just a few clicks and PicBackMan will backup all of your photos. Not the ones that are in your computer, but also the pictures of your social networks.

The program is divided in three: Backup, Settings and Accounts. Is just so simple that you will never be lost, first select and associate the Accounts that you want to back up (from FB, Instagram and many more social networks), select the folder and that’s it! It will never be more simple than this. You can actually have several backups so you store them on several locations at the same time. Every social network has a little circle at the side and when you put the cursor over it shows how many space you have available for that social network.

The settings are short, only three options but who needs more? is a very well made software and it works which is the best. For some people the interface will be a little outdated but it runs on the background so whats the problem? As a little plus for PicBackMan, it organize your photos and store them on several location if needed.

In conclusion, is simple, is fast, is free, what else do you need? Must have if you want to save your photos and save time while downloading them from several social networks

Here’s the download


6 comments on “PicBackMan Review: Backup your pictures for free!

  1. Ehm, it is not entirely free anymore. The free version has a maximum of 500 pics/month and only support one social account 😦 Oh well, guess I’ll have to use another tool…

  2. PicBackMan is now also available for Mac, iOS and Android clients supporting new features like Mac OSX iPhoto and Photos library.

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