iPhone 5, Should I buy it?

Well let’s be really quick here for the answer, if you have an iPhone 4S the answer is that IS NOT WORTH IT, but if you don’t have and iPhone or do you own the iPhone 4 or 3GS yes, you should buy the iPhone 5, why and why not?.

Why not if you have the iPhone 4S?

Well…the change is not that big, I mean, getting another iPhone just for what Apple announced if you have the iPhone 4S is not very clever, let’s list here the things that Apple presented and we think is not a big advantage above the the iPhone 4S.


The iPhone 4S has a Dual-core processor, the A5…and the iPhone 5 has an A6 chip, a dual core processor too, a bit faster though. But now, how many times was you running at top speed with your iPhone 4S in Real Racing 2 and your game performance was slightly poor? or how many times were you shooting bullets on Modern Combat 3 and then you saw a poor FPS performance?.

Is just non-sense, sure, the Real Racing 3 trailer looks awesome but I’m pretty sure that the iPhone 4S can run that game as smooth as the iPhone 5 (unless Apple sabotage their software for the 4S) and there’s not a such jump there, maybe in power consumption.


It’s basically the same camera, with a few more tweaks but according to Apple itself the iPhone 4S will have the Panorama function too, so the advantage here is not as big as they say it is. Here’s the screenshot from the Apple Website, the iPhone 5 is in the left column, the iPhone 4S is in the middle and the iPhone 4 at the right.


This was the screen year for Apple, the Retina Display is a big innovation on the iPad with a just stunning display but in the iPhone? More color between iPhone 5 and 4S but the same PPI, 326 (Nokia has more 332 on the New Lumia 920 I think), so not too bright here because Samsung and Nokia already won that and they also have a big color saturation.


In previous years the iOS was a little bit different for the new iPhone but this year iOS has the same functions on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, even you get the same Panorama pictures, the multi-lenguage Siri and the not so cool maps (we already tested them),


I’m not going further here, but if you are a normal person and don’t let the marketing and flashing lights eat your brains you will see why buying and iPhone 5 is no good is you already have the iPhone 4S (as I do) hope this helps you and here’s the comparison table from Apple itself.


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