Living Things by Linkin Park – Album Review

Linkin Park is one of the most revolutionary bands on the rock mainstream world. Yes I do recognize that they lost the spark of Hybrid Theory and the rhythm of Minutes to Midnight but at least they evolve and don’t settle with one winning formula.

A Thousand Suns wasn’t a too bright record but after listening to Living Things you see why a Thousand Suns was that type of album it is a crude job when you compare it with their latest job. But of course, the spotlight is on The Living Things, this new CD, much better job, it is the same musical style but more polished and well done.

20120914-101601 p.m..jpg

I’m still getting used to this new Linkin Park and the big, really big, jump that the band made and even in my opinion (I listen to rock, metal and I usually stay away from mainstream music and MTV of course) the CD is a great job, a big step for the band and they are saying to the music industry that’s ok to evolve and change their style to something really unique. Linkin Park is playing the music that they want to play, not what the money want to. Sure, is a more electro style but is their music and is a really unique mix what they have done.

The recording has a lot of energy and the feeling that “everything will be ok, things will be better” of course there’s some drama but the overall feeling is that, power and energy. I’m not a big fan of this type of music but Linkin Park does know how to make you feel good with it. “Rock and Electro” will be an accurate description of their style, but for me it can’t be labeled, is just music.

After the little disappoint of their previous CD, Living Things is a great recording and a big step for the music, I’m sure that we will see a lot of bands with the same style in no time, but none of them will be as good as Linkin Park when is time to deliver emotion through music. Maybe that’s what I liked of this CD, the emotions can be delivered through speakers.


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