iStudiez Pro Review: The Best iOS & OSX School Tool

The iOS devices hare one of the most used gadgets out there and with a really really big number of applications in the App Store the possibilities are enormous, and so is the risk of buying an app that doesn’t do what we need. There are apps that let you keep track of some important things or your school schedule, apps to remind you some task and on top of all that apps there’s iStudiez Pro.

iStudiez Pro is a time manager and assignments reminder that works just flawlessly, is beautiful designed and have some great features that will mark the difference between the other apps that belongs to the bunch and this amazing app, keep reading and learn what it does and participate to win the App.


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Snapheal Review: Take great photos and make them perfect

Sometimes you take a nice pic but there are some “unwanted” objects on it, like someone in the background, birds in a clear sky or even bigger obstacles, like cars. In those situations you have 3 options: do nothing about it :S, try using some advanced and expensive program like Photoshop, or use SnapHeal to remove them!

Snapheal is photography and image edition app from Macphun available in the Mac App Store.

This app has several tools which will let you edit many aspects of your image:

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Reseña de Logitech Z506: ¡El mejor sistema surround de 5.1 canales que no te costará un brazo o una pierna!

Logitech es una compañía muy grande con una gran variedad de hardware para PC y Mac. Su hardware de audio es uno de los mejores en relación al valor y precio en el mercado. Existe una gran selección de altavoces para tu computadora, algunos son bastante caros y muy buenos, otros están sobrevalorados y después está el Sistema Z506, la mejor opción a la venta.

Tenemos el set de altavoces X-530, la generación anterior, y ahora los Z506, sucesores de los X-530. Entre estas dos generaciones el diseño y calidad de audio mejoró un poco pero el precio se mantuvo. Son prácticamente idénticas en desempeño de audio pero los Z506 tienen mas opciones de conexión y un monitor para el altavoz central. Lo único que extraño de los antiguos X-530 es el hecho de que se podían colgar de la pared, aditamento ausente en los Z506.

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On the spotlight: Sylvium Band

The music industry is on the constant move is very money hungry. Because of this some people stopped calling it music, some “artist” are big clowns and most of the pop popular singers doesn’t actually know how to sing.They look good and they have a big marketing campaign.

But well you can say, he doesn’t sing very well but is very talented with the instruments…nope, they don’t play any instrument some times, the repetitive music box, the same synthesizers and rhythm in almost all the songs. But not everything is lost, some groups stay away from the mainstream and do an amazing music job, one of those groups is Sylvium.


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PicBackMan Review: Backup your pictures for free!

We recently reviewed Data Backup 3, an excellent Mac OSX software for keeping your information safe but today we are going with Windows. There are many, many programs for Windows to back up data and is a big spiderweb some of them, however there’s a simple solution for the people who only need their photos in a safe place, is PicBackMan.

This is by far one of the simplest backup software I have ever tested, it is so simple that It don’t even look like a backup software. Just a few clicks and PicBackMan will backup all of your photos. Not the ones that are in your computer, but also the pictures of your social networks.

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OSX 10.8.2, Finally Facebook is here!

Today not only iOS 6 was released, also a new update for Mountain Lion which enable several new functions. Here’s the list of the new things for OSX 10.8.2


But hell, lets get to the point. Integrating your Facebook account in OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) is incredibly easy:

1) Go to System Preferences and click in “Mail, Contacts & Calendars”

2) In the right column you will be shown all the different services that you can set up and integrate. Among them Facebook will show up. Select it. (Note: if there is no such list at the right column, click on the ” + ” symbol to add a new service.)

3) Fill your account login data and select what features you want to share with Mountain Lion.

4) There is no step 4. You have already configured and integrated Facebook!

From now on, on the notifications area you will be able to update your status just like you were able to send tweets. Enjoy!

iPhone 5, Should I buy it?

Well let’s be really quick here for the answer, if you have an iPhone 4S the answer is that IS NOT WORTH IT, but if you don’t have and iPhone or do you own the iPhone 4 or 3GS yes, you should buy the iPhone 5, why and why not?.

Why not if you have the iPhone 4S?

Well…the change is not that big, I mean, getting another iPhone just for what Apple announced if you have the iPhone 4S is not very clever, let’s list here the things that Apple presented and we think is not a big advantage above the the iPhone 4S.

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Living Things by Linkin Park – Album Review

Linkin Park is one of the most revolutionary bands on the rock mainstream world. Yes I do recognize that they lost the spark of Hybrid Theory and the rhythm of Minutes to Midnight but at least they evolve and don’t settle with one winning formula.

A Thousand Suns wasn’t a too bright record but after listening to Living Things you see why a Thousand Suns was that type of album it is a crude job when you compare it with their latest job. But of course, the spotlight is on The Living Things, this new CD, much better job, it is the same musical style but more polished and well done.

20120914-101601 p.m..jpg

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iPhone 5 Presentation September 12th

The Keynote includes the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Generation, iPod Nano 7th Generation, new iTunes and a few more things


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