Data Backup 3 Review: The best way to be protected against a disaster!

Prosoft Engineering has a Master’s Degree on data management and data protection, Data Backup 3 is the ultimate tool for major changes on your computer Hard Drive Disk (HDD). This utility software help you with the creation of backups for your computer information, and it does it really well. The first time that you open Data Backup 3 several options will be unfamiliar to you,, but if you are a regular user don’t bother, just select a destination and what you want backup!

It is an amazing tool for those planing on changing their HDD, or maybe for keeping all of your precious information really secure and ready for any disaster. The interface is clean and it has an Information Log that will be really useful if you don’t know what you have to do.

When you open the program a window will prompt asking you where you want to save the backups, just select one place and you are ready to star using the program. Data Backup 3 has a lot of features and it may look challenging but let’s do a quick tour on the interface and explain what they do, I will do the “normal user” tour and just talk about the necessary things to do to keep your backup up to date and ready to go.

Information Log: Here in this small panel all the information about the backup you are about to do is displayed and also what’s missing in your backup. Very handy if you are lost.

Start Button & Schedule Setup: The schedule setup allows you to select how often you want to backup the files selected, in this case the Star Button is grayed out because there’s no file selected to be backed up.

Backup Type: There are 4 types of backups; Simple Copy, Clone, Versioned & Synchronized. Here is when the interesting part starts, following the “normal user” tour we will leave the default option, Versioned, and the “do a complete scan” option selected to avoid any files being missing.

Source Selection: With the “+” button you will add folders and files to the backup list. Pretty straight forward here.

Backup Destination: We can do a backup in a normal drive or HDD but also on a CD/DVD, which is a great tool if you have an external drive, there you can store a nice and clean backup of your HDD main files and important documents…or games and music in my case.

Backup Destination Options: No geek stuff here, the encrypted option may be handy if you will store your backup and make sure no one access it. The compress files options if a nice space saver, kudos here to Prosoft.

As you can see on this second screenshot the backup is ready to go. The “Star Now” option is no longer grayed out and we have everything set for a quick and easy backup. As you can see this program appears to be simple on the surface, but there’s a lot of options for advance users, you can use scripts and set custom rules to skip certain files from the backup and a deeper world. We just wrote about the basics and how you can get a nice and easy backup but this program goes further, the options are big and this software does an amazing job.

The performance is just amazing and it will only use 19 mb of your HDD, great and useful option to get scheduled and fast backups, every new backup will add the new files to the pre-existent ones and modify the ones that were updated, keeping it clean and fast. If you combine this with Drive Genius 3 your Mac HDD will be like Fort Knox, super secure and optimized.

Some official links (clicking them will not take you away from this amazing blog):

Data Backup 3 Homepage

Data Backup 3 Trial


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