AirServer Review: AirPlay on Windows & Mac!

AirPlay is one of the features than can turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a mobile game console or a media center. Normally this feature is only available for the Apple TV, but that was the pass.

AirServer is a program for Windows and Mac that allows the use of your computer for AirPlay, this means that you can use your monitor as a screen for your iDevice. You can play all of your games on your computer screen using your iPhone as a controller and even add some Post Processing to make it look even better.

Is easy to install and use, just open the app, set your favorite settings and name and that’s it! it runs on the background and when you activate the airplay on your iDevice and select your computer it will automatically start on your PC. This software works perfect and it even has two or three tricks to make it better.

Post Processing

When you enable this you can change the color, sharpness, contrast, brightness, blur and more things. Of course, if you maximize this settings and you don’t have a good modem the experience will be reduced because of the lows FPS, but if your modem is great, go for it!.


Yes, if your buddy wants to challenge you, enable the Airplay and go for split screen. This is the only program with this feature and is pretty awesome.

You can download a trial and see how it works from their official page here:

Official Page


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