Logitech Z506 Review: The best 5.1 surround system that won’t cost you an arm or leg

Logitech is a big company with great hardware products for PC and Mac. Their audio hardware is in my opinion one of the best value/price out there. In the market theres a big selection of speakers for your computer, some are really expensive and good, others are just overpriced and there’s the Z506, the best value package out there.

We currently own the X-530 Speaker set, the previous generation, and now the Z506, the X-530 successors. Between these two generations the design and audio quality was improved a little bid but not the price. They are almost identical in sound performance but the z506 have a few more connections options and a monitor stand for the central speaker. The only thing that I miss from the old-great X-530 speakers is the wall support absent in the Z506.

Let’s jump to the sound quality, I own several speakers and sound docks from several brands including Bose & Monster and I have to say that Logitech offer is the best deal. The price is 99 USD and believe me it sounds like a 200 USD Speakers Set. It has 5.1 sound which is just awesome for gaming and movies.

Built Quality & Durability

The entire set is made of soft plastic but with a great quality and without hard plastic feel or something similar. They are only made in black and the system itself is very durable. Their predecessors (The X-530) has a little bit more than two years with me and they are still kicking as new and I listen to some heavy music and loud games, believe me, this thing has “russian-like” durability (Russian-like is like…made to last forever) and the Z506 are made from the same material but with just some design and performance tweaks. I’m just AMAZED with the durability and quality for the price, you will get at least 3/4 years of life from the Z506 and even more if you are a regular user not an abusive like me. The cables are standard plugs and it all connects on the Subwoofer, which it has a rough design and durable materials, and if someday you break a cable (I haven’t, they are great too) you can buy standard cables to replace them or you can buy regular extensions for a great rear setting.

Sound Quality

This is the point when you will be amazed, you may be thinking that 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer for 99 dollars will not have great sound quality…you are so wrong, Is AMAZING!!! the lows can be manually adjusted and the clarity is great, really great. With games this is heaven, if your motherboard has a 5.1 support just plug them there and your world will be rocked. Almost perfect quality and sound brightness, if you use a standard 3.5 mm connector but if you use a 5.1 connection these babies will not let you down. If you don’t have a 5.1 sound motherboard or you are a Mac OSX user I recommend that you buy this external USB sound card with 2.1/5.1/7.1 channels support.

I listen to a lot of several types of music, the Z506 system can be a great bass machine for electronic music or a perfect distortion roar system. With the manual lows control you will never get some overpowered bass again while watching a movie or playing a game.

Should I buy them?

If you are on a tight budget go for it, is just amazing and even if you are not on a tight budget go for them too!!! Easy installation, great quality, awesome sound performance and remarkable duration, those are the main features of this set. It may be 75w only but use the sound card and you will feel the power roaring from those little speakers.


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