Pixelmator Review: A powerful but simple image editor for Mac

For all of you out there that are starting into photography, those who like photo editing but don’t like to spend hours learning to use Photoshop’s tools, or even if your hobby is photo and image edition, the perfect companion has arrived, and with all the power of you Mac!

Pixelmator is the app from the Mac App Store that will make you feel like a professional designer. We found it while we were searching for the best photo editing software to include into our Photographer’s Bundle Pack (soon to be released), and since then we have tested the app with all kind of pictures and images, and the results are amazing.

Here are some of the best points about Pixelmator:


It’s incredibly easy to do any task, from simple brightness and contrast adjustments to more complex effects and filters: every effect is in the same menu window, with previews of all the available effects, so you don’t have to apply them to learn what they do.

The workspace is divided into modules, with one for the typical tools (brush, geometric marquee, eraser, magic selection, paint bucket, type and many, many more!), another for the layers, which can be rearranged and hidden, another module for the effects, one module for the brush size and form, and of course the main window where the image is displayed. You can move the modules freely all over the screen, so you can customize your workspace.

These modules make it easier to find a tool or an effect, so don’t worry about investing too much time finding them.

If you have used Photoshop at least once in your life, you will notice that many menus and options are very similar. Although Pixelmator doesn’t have some of the most powerful tools available in Photoshop, it has all that a casual-advanced user would need, s doesn’t, like an adjustable, real-time-responsive Magic Wand.

If you already own Pixelmator, you can watch some tutorials here:


Yes, of course now you may be asking yourself: This looks great, but what about performance? Well, you will be pleased when you hear this: Pixelmator, because of being Mac-Exclusive software, is specifically programmed to take full advantage of OSX Mountain Lion (although it will still work flawlessly in Snow Leopard and Lion). Designed in 64-bit architecture, and builded to work over the GPU, Pixelmator has access to all the power your Mac has to offer.

If you have one of the new Retina Display MacBook Pro, you will be able to feel and see the real definition that Pixelmator offers you; everything from the menus to the effects is optimized for Retina Display.


There are so many excellent features that we can only mention you a few, like:

Full-screen Mode: The title says everything: you can work in full-screen to visualize even the smallest detail in your pictures.

iCloud integration: As you may imagine, you can save your projects directly into iCloud and reopen them from another computer without doing the minimal effort.

Versions: Available from Lion onward,  lets you save multiple versions of your file, so if you mess up and save, you can still go back to a previous state of the file.

Autosave: If you are one of those who forget saving regularly Pixelmator supports the OSX Autosave function.

Compatibility: You can open and save files in many different formats, including .PSD (Photoshop with Layers)

Photo Browser: You can quickly access your photos in iPhoto or Aperture libraries.

Automator: Support of Automator to edit a lot of pictures at a time, without spending time into editing them one by one. 

Definitely the best option for those who find Photoshop too complex and intimidating.

For more information about the app, click here to visit the official site.


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