Encore Electronics 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box Review

Encore Electronics has a special deal for us with this product. It is an External Sound Card that connects with your computer via USB and is a lot cheaper than installing a new sound card that matches this performance. In the outside is a very small box with a great quality build, in the inside is a monster for this price, 30 USD and believe me, it is not a poor build.

In the front it features 4 connectors for our speakers, going from 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channels configurations. One Line In and one headphones Jack, in the back theres the S/PDIF in and out and in the side two mono microphones inputs. This sound card is just amazing for the price, if you have 5.1 speakers but no sound card with 5.1 support and you don’t want to open your computer to install an internal sound card you should consider this product.


The best use for this card, the super bright, powerful sound delivered by this product can match a few higher cost sound card. On Dead Space the performance is overwhelming and believe me, you will be scared. On racing games the engines will be a blast, high tones and amazing lows gives you the perfect sound for the car engines and the tires burnout.


The second strong point for this sound card; any type of movie with 5.1/7.1 channels support will be like going to the movies. It’s just awesome how the sound gets distributed by this little card. It is small, so it will occupy almost no space on your desktop and also it has everything to give a huge user experience.


Here you won’t get a great improvement but is a fair one and for the price you can’t ask for more, there’s a little problem with the music and it is that despite of a few artists recording on 5.1 channels, the 90% or more use 2.1 channels so the experience is not so great like with games or movies, but still an improvement. If you want to get some real music experience Pink Floyd DVD’s of their concerts are recorded with 5.1 channels audio.

In conclusion

Amazing product and excellent Price/value. Of course, the best with this sound card is a 5.1 channel speakers set or a home theater. Soon we will post the best Quality/Price 5.1 channels speakers set on the market.


17 comments on “Encore Electronics 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box Review

  1. I conect it to my reciver with optical cable and it wont get 5.1 in my pc, anyone knows what to do?

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