Data Rescue 3 Review: There’s no such thing as “lost data”

Say goodbye to those frustrating situations when you accidentally delete some important files in your hard drive and you are left to regret it. Say goodbye to losing your most valued photos stored in your computer after the hard drive suffers a critical error. No more “lost files”. Keep reading to find out how to recover any kind of lost file in your hard drive, from deleted archives to corrupted data. Everything is recoverable!

Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3, from Prosoft Engineering, is the best file recovery software available for Mac and PC.

This software is so powerful that is used by law enforcement forensic specialist, data recovery experts and big companies around the world. It can find files even after a drive has been erased or reformatted, it can help you cone files when the drive has corrupted file system, and even if it endures physical damage, it can perform an analysis and determine if there is way to recover your data; after that Prosoft Engineering provides you a free diagnosis, including free shipping to their facility!

Data Rescue 3 starts detecting all the hard drives connected to your computer, so it can offer you it’s 6 main tools to help you recover whatever you lost in the depths of your hard drive:

1) Quick Scan:

Utilizing the current file directory system present in your drive, Quick Scan makes a check of your hard drive, even if it doesn’t mounts. This is the first step you should take when analyzing your drive.

2) Deep Scan:

When you have more sever cases than just “a lost file” you should perform the Deep Scan, where the lates data recovery technology is used to ensure every recoverable file in your drive is found. This option can take about 3 minutes per gigabyte of information scanned, but it can take longer depending on the severity of the case.

3) Deleted Files Scan

As the name suggests, this option is for situations where you deleted (accidentally or not) files in your drive. The perfect option for those files present in your trash can or garbage bin when you emptied it.

4) Clone

If your drive present severe hardware problems and you need to migrate your whole system to a new drive, this tool becomes very handy. It makes an exact copy of your drive, even if it doesn’t mounts, and lets you recover it into the new drive.

5) Analyze

This option is not for actually recovering data, but for verifying if there are any problems to read the data stored in your drive. A good option if you don’t want to alter your drive; let’s you make some troubleshooting in the most severe cases.

6) File IQ

This is probably the most advanced feature present in Data Rescue 3 files recovery system. To recover a file, the software needs to know how is the file structured; although in comes with an extensive list of known file types, you may find yourself in a situation where your files extension is not there. For those cases, File IQ can “learn” a new file type; you just need to provide it with a file of the same type, and Data Rescue will analyze it and add it to it’s list.


Among the features above mentioned, there are some more that are worth the mention, like the photo recovery function, which let’s Data Rescue to search your camera media drive for deleted pictures, even if the drive has been reformatted. Another nice touch is that Data Rescue 3 ships with a bootable DVD, so if your main hard drive doen’t mount you can still recover files from it, despite the OS not loading.

At last, I want to say that this software has “saved my life” (digital life) twice, as one time I accidentally erased a whole directory of the system files, and my computer wouldn’t start after that. Second time it helped me recover the pictures from one trip I made, which were stored in my camera’s SD Card, which I erased believing the pictures where already in my computer.

If you are not the “techno guy” that understands all this software tools, and are a little bit lost when using it, don’t forget that Data Rescue 3 come with FREE phone and email technical assistance, so you will never be alone on this.


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