PopChar X Review: If you don’t find your special character here…it doesn’t exist.

PopChar X is the ultimate tool for special characters…and I really meant the “ultimate” part. I have never seen something like this, the list is just huge. All the special characters that you can imagine are one-click away.

Maybe you enjoy writing some cool wall post on Facebook with lots of special characters and things that make your wall post unique. I know that sometimes is difficult to enter those crazy, weird characters, but not anymore. PopCharX has everything you need for writing and is so simple to use that even your grandma will understand how to use it.

The first time that you open PopChar X your eyes will do this ❖_❖…is like a big big big, really big wall of bricks…you can’t count the bricks. Just look at that list, and those are only the emoji! As you can see it comes with a magnifier; hold “Shift” while navigating over the characters to magnifie them. I don’t know the exact number of special characters that this program offers but they’re a lot.

You may be thinking that navigating through PopChar X looking for just a special character could be a problem but no, you are wrong. It has a search bar and there you can go crazy and find some really cool characters for that psychedelic Facebook post. In the preferences of PopChar X you can choose a shortcut to open it, and then just click what you want and is automatically inserted in whatever you are writing, the program works in the background and automatically disappears to the background when you select a character.

One useful option for users with HTML needs is that on the bottom right there’s a “HTML” option and instead of showing the standart character it shows the HTML code, and if you click it will be inserted on your writing. Favorites and Recent Used gives you the speed that you need. If you just love the Emoji you can put them into favorites and access with a Keyboard shortcut to PopChar X, click and you have it. I use PopChar X while writing on Facebook Chat, believe me, all my friends want those amazing characters to create a nice Emoticon that is not on your keyboard.

The Apple Color Emoji are not available everywhere but that’s not PopChar X fault, some sites don’t have the support for them, only for ASCII and Unicode, but still, you can have a great time setting new smile-crazy faces. When you right-click one character even more options show up, this is a must-have if you like expressing yourself with more than just letters. I’m just getting used with the program and this plus Typinator is the perfect combo to write like a maniac and typing less.


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