Typinator: type less, write more

Are you familiar with the “autocomplete” functionality that many smartphones have when writing? Do you use many abbreviations in chats to answer fast? You want to be able to quickly insert URL’s, images or even the current date without actually having to write or paste them? You want to increase your productivity when writing texts? Well, for this and more, you must read this!


What we are talking about is Typinator, another excellent solution by Ergonis.

Typinator is the best text expander available for Mac, not only a typing assistant that speeds repetitive typing tasks, but also a system-wide auto-correction tool that automatically fixes typing errors and misspelled words¹.


When you are writing in informal environments sometimes you may use expressions like “k” to mean “ok”, or “imo” for “in my opinion”. But what about when you are redacting a business e-mail, or writing an entry in some important blog? . In those cases you shouldn’t use any abbreviation, or as few as possible. Typinator allows you to create abbreviations for any text string you want, from the informal abbreviations of well-known words or frases, to completely customized ones. You can simply write “dt” and Typinator will insert the current date, maybe select “e-m” to abbreviate your e-mail address, or “nm” for inserting your full name.

Excellent option for programmers, since the have to write blocks of code, and this software can ease the task.

It’s important to mention that you have 4 options for any abbreviation you create:

– Whole word: when this is selected, only when you write the abbreviation and hit the Spacebar or Enter, Typinator will insert the corresponding text. Useful when your abbreviation is part of another word and you don’t what it to be triggered.

– Case must match: this option is useful to create case-sensitive abbreviations, where maybe they are common words, but you only want them to be triggered when they start with an uppercase letter.

– Case doesn’t matter: self-explained, your abbreviations will work in uppercase or lowercase, alike.

– Case affects expansion: You can have 2 different expansions for the same abbreviation, one in uppercase and the other in lowercase.

Inserting special characters:

Do you use many math symbols? You like using emoticons or “memes” in your chat conversations? You find hard to insert other “less used” special characters? Well, Typinator makes this extremely easy for you: all you need is to create an abbreviation for the selected character or emoticon, and then tell the program what to insert when that abbreviation is used.

For instance, I use the √ (square root) symbol a lot, but as you may be aware, it is not easy to find it, so I defined a snippet for it, and now I can easily input it anywhere I want.

You can also insert images with the same method; you create an abbreviation and “paste” the image in the “expansion” area.

Special expansions:

Ok ok, so this far you have a good idea of most of Typinator’s characteristics, but let me tell you there are some cool features that you will not find anywhere else, like:

– Interactive input fields: When you have predefined texts or paragraphs but you want them to be customized according with the situation you can use special fields in the expansions, so when you insert the snippet, Typinator will prompt you with a window, asking what to put in those fields. Very useful for your business’ workflow, as you can quickly send emails to customers without spending too much time writing.

Interactive input fields (image from official site)

– Scripts: Yes, you can have snippets for scripts, so when you type them the script is performed. You may ask what can you do with this? Well, the official site have some downloadable scripts for you, free of charge, to do things from unit conversion and rounding to even creating your own scripts. You can find those extras here.

– Pairs: another extra download that when you insert a symbol that has an “open and close version”, like parenthesis, square brackets or quotes, automatically inserts the closing character, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close them.

– Emojis: Like the ones used in many chats, now available for you whenever you may want them.

I personally own Typinator since some time ago, and I have to say that it is just incredible. You don’t only save precious time when writing, but also get a lot of awesome functionalities that are always useful. Download the free demo version here.

1. extracted from Typinator’s official site.


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