Camera Plus Pro Review: Your profesional photos are one touch away.

When you search for a photo app for your iDevice you will find that there’re a lot…a lot of options, which from the outside look the same and it appears that they all do the same. That might be true, but some apps are more than that, like…

 Camera Plus Pro from Global Delight

We tested it and to be honest we are delighted with the app, is fast, clean, nice and with filters and options that not all the apps have. Let’s review the app step by step. The photo here was taken by me with my iPhone 4S and Camera Plus Pro

The app does an amazing job editing the photo and it does save your photo on full resolution; it doesn’t shrink the photo like other photo apps. But let’s take a look at the basics of this app.

Shooting Modes


A small red bar appears on the bottom sliding from left to right, when you stop shaking your iDevice the bar stops in the middle and turns green, then automatically takes the photo.


Almost all the Photo Apps have this but what we like about Camera Plus Pro is that it gives you from 2 to 10 seconds (you can choose) and a Beep sounds on every second, and just before the photo is taken a stronger and larger beep sounds. Perfect for photos with your friends.

Burst Mode:

This is perfect for taking photos to moving objects, configurable from 2 to 10 photos, it will shoot all of the photos in Full Resolution (unless you change it on the options menu).

Video Recording

This is a feature that not all the other apps have, you can record videos too and use the same filters of the photos, giving you some nice looking videos in Full HD, and of course you can record from both of your cameras (front and back), just like in the regular Camera App.

A Time Lapse option is integrated while recording your video, this options gives you the ability to record in fast-forward mode.


This is a BIG and I really mean BIG section in this app, where you can apply filters, crop, apply borders and so much more, let’s break it in parts.


You have 45 filters to apply to you photos or videos and they all look awesome. The filters are divided by type, Nostalgia, Special, Colorize, Artistic and Distortion. All of this categories have 9 filters that can be applied. If you enjoy taking retro photos the Nostalgia set will take you to heaven.

Crop and Rotate:

This is the standard crop, Free Form, 1:1, 2:3, 3:2 and 4:3. No surprises here but very useful to crop unwanted parts of our photos. The rotate tool can flip horizontal and vertical in addition to the normal rotation options.


This is very useful when you have an amazing photo but is dark, with 3 levels of flash a dark photo can be turned into a much brighter photo with less shadows. This is not the same as adjusting the brightness, is just the flash level.


This is for big boys, everything is here. Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Sharpness, Tint and Temp. All that you need to take your not so bright and not so colorful photos and make them a true rainbow or the other way around.


This edition tool has 9 options to give your photo a modern look or a retro one, just pick one!


We all know that sharing great photos is one of the most amazing things to do…and this app does an amazing job at it. Our photos and videos can be shared to Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube at the same time! When you are sharing even a Twitter characters count appears to let you know when you are done.

Other sharing options are via Wi-fi, awesome to just share a picture with your friend without plugging your iDevice to his computer, and via FTP: this is useful when you have a webpage because you can upload straight from your iDevice.

Other cool options.


In the options menu from the app you can choose a copyright to your photos so when you hit “privilege” while editing your app a watermark from a chosen color will appear in the bottom right.

Bing search and private photos:

Inside the app there’s an option to search on Bing Images, useful for your videos and the option to set a password and select some photos to be private and password required to access those photos.


You can define tags and apply them to your photos, including Geo Tag.

In conclusion

This is a very, very complete app and as you can see it does takes amazing photos. Is widely recommended to avoid having like 4 or 5 apps that complement each other, when you can have just all what you need in one place, from sharing, to editing and even saving private photos. An amazing upgrade to the default Camera App and I just love using it!.

App Homepage


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