Boom: Raise your Mac’s volume to the sky and more

This time we are bringing you an app that will transform you Mac’s built-in speakers (or any connected to your Mac) into high-power speakers, making you forget about those awkward moments where you were watching a video in an open space and couldn’t hear a thing, when you were showing your friends a new song but they couldn’t hear, or maybe that time when you simply wanted more power into your music!


The answer for all those problems is Boom, a software solution from Global Delight.

Boom is a program that takes care of the volume problems by overriding your Mac’s audio system and bypassing the software-caped volume limit, thus letting you unleash the true power from your speakers. This solution works not only with built-in speakers, but also with audio outputs, like 3.5mm and USB, so anything connected to your Mac will experience the incredible boost.

As you can see, Boom also comes with another 2 nice features:


Yes, with this tool you are capable of fully customize all your Mac’s sound from one clean, easy-to-use interface. Here you can increase or decrease each frequency as you like. The application comes with many presets, but you can make and save your own.

Boost File

This option lets you select files and boost their volume, so next time you play them they will sound louder. Useful for those old or low quality songs that badly need the boost.

System Integration and Shortcuts

Boom is designed to fully integrate with your Mac’s system, so you can put it into your start-up programs, and it will be in the background doing it’s work. You can choose hotkeys to increase and decrease Boom’s volume independently from Mac’s volume.

We totally recommend this great software. Try it!

Download free demo (all functionalities)


It’s important to say that Boom is not responsible for damage to your hardware, as it comes with a warning about surpassing the safety level of volume. You should be careful when reaching the maximum volume settings. Use your criteria.


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