Hear Review: Improve your Mac’s or Windows PC sound!

The sound from our Mac may be good, but if you have a speakers set, a home theatre or a pair of high quality headphones you may be lacking the proper equalization to truly exploit all the potential those sound systems have. The easiest way to improve your computer’s sound is through a sound card, but they are not only expensive, but many times your computer is not compatible.

In OSX and Windows there is an easier (and cheaper) way to do it: Hear

Hear is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to fully customize all the audio coming from the computer, from equalizing and selecting volume base on decibels, to more complex things, like adding a 3D-effect to your music and sounds! This software is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 /10.6 /10.7 /10.8 or Windows XP/Vista/7.

The improve in the sound quality is notable since the beginning. At first you may feel intimidated by all the different options and settings in the program, but do not worry, because the app come preloaded with many presets and adjustments for those you want to quickly get a better quality. For those who want the best customization possible, this is the perfect software, with tons of menus and adjustments, even 3D surround without spending 100 USD on a “decent” sound card!

Definitely the best option available for Mac & Windows users, and one that you should not let pass!

We have tested this software several days and in my opinion is the best audio software for OSX in this moment. Here are some points of the test that we should highlight. We notice something during the test and its that when you choose some adjustment you will first hear it “funny”, just give like 30 seconds to you to get used to the new sound when you change some preset and enjoy! We recommend turning off the iTunes equalization while using Hear to avoid getting an unbalanced sound.

Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B

Tested with the Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B Preset, the result against the normal iTunes equalization is just huge, you can get almost 100% more bass with Hear. I own several speakers and the result is almost the same despite of the price. With Bose MIE2i Headphones is mind-blowing the bass and the crisps highs, you can make your Bose headphones be as good as Beats for this music. Even the iMac standard speakers get better with this software. If your speakers or headphones have a lack of mids, highs or lows you can fix that with Hear, of course it will never be like having some good quality speakers but you can put some bass on Apple headphones!


The blues come over me!…Forget about overpowered bass while listening blues, I know that cause it happened to me with iTunes several times, the bass some times were just too loud to hear some nice solo guitar. BB. King sounds amazing with this preset, the guitar remains on top with the Blues preset and gives some vocal emphasis. The highs are tight giving you great sound performance of the drums without making them sound too much high and keeping the overall balance.

House, Electronic & Dance

I think that even David Guetta will say “good job”, the bass for this preset gets tight up, to make it strong but not overwhelming. It keeps the clarity and the mids to provide a nice music experience and beautiful sound with the synthesizers used in this genre very often. Of course that if you love some Euro House music you will love the clarity of the soft voices. It basically adds more of all the things that this music needs for the equalization.

Hard Rock, Grunge, Rock & Progressive Rock

I just putted those together cause they come from the same source and they can use the same preset. I love this type of music and this preset is the star for this genre. Forget about bot getting the punch and distortion of hard rock, the clear bass and balance needed for progressive rock or the not too loud highs for grunge. For this everything is packed and believe, when you listen to Metallica, Crossfade, Nirvana, No-Man, Stone Sour, Porcupine Tree and a huge list with the presets offered by Hear are just awesome.


Like “Starbuck” from Battlestar Galactica said…”frack me!!!”…Speed Metal, Power Metal, Trash Metal and all the metal sub-genres sound just phenomenal, low bass to avoid being overwhelmed with some crazy speeding double pedal drum but not too low to enjoy the power of distortion, highs balanced to get some nice shredding sound on power metal everything is here. I WAS JUST BLOWED AWAY with the metal preset and listening to Opeth…this sounds great thrust me, get ready to piss off your neighbors.



– Amazing sound quality even with cheaper headphones or speakers.

– 3D Sound that becomes really handy with video games and orchestral music (believe me, with a Beethoven Symphony you will not believe it).

– Easy interface with lots and lots of presets to fit any need.

– DEEP sound customization for those who knows a little bit more of music.

– Runs smooth on the background.

– The mixer allows you to adjust the volume for the system, iTunes and any open application.

– Way cheaper than a decent sound card for Windows or OSX (it has to be an external sound card so, even more portable and handy).


– The only thing that will be very handy and a real upgrade to this program is the function to auto select the preset based on the genre labeled in iTunes.

Here are some links to the official site:

Hear Homepage

Free trial



Hear is sound enhancement software for the Mac and PC. Hear improves the sound quality from your headphones, internal or external speakers. Hear can also add 3D sound and other various special effects to the sound on your Mac and PC. Improve the sound from iTunes and make your music, movies, games or any other application sound amazing. Hear also gives you the ability to customize the sound to your preference with a 10 to 96-band equalizer for your Mac or PC. Once you try Hear you won’t be able to go without it.


5 comments on “Hear Review: Improve your Mac’s or Windows PC sound!

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  3. This software is excellent. I have used it for a couple of years now and it makes such an improvement to the audio of my music and any other media that I play.
    Highly recommended.

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