Cocktail Recipe: Very Blueberry

This one is perfect for those who may want a well-rounded cocktail, with a soft flavor and a fruity taste! One of the easier cocktails to prepare 🙂



-Absolut Vodka (“Acaí”, “Raspberri”, “Apeach” or “Ruby Red”)

-Blue curaçao

-Soda (Sprite can do the trick)


-Lemon (optional)


-Add about 4-5 ice cubes

-Add 1 oz. (30 ml ) of the selected vodka.

-Add 1/2 oz. (15 ml ) of blue curaçao.

-Pour as much soda as you want, but leave some space for the blueberries!

-Now you can either add the blueberries whole or smashed (the second will allow their taste to blend)

-As an option, add the juice of half lemon, to make it taste a little bit sour.



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