How To: Take control of your Mac’s fans

Does your Mac gets too hot? You hate all the noise your Mac’s fans do? You want to take full control of them, thus selecting even the temperature you want your system to be? Well, here is the answer!

The software we are talking about is Fan Control.

This excellent program is designed to let you set the minimum speed of your fans (with a lower threshold of 1000RPM) and decide the lower and upper thresholds for temperature. All of this is done in a user-friendly interface, with a graphic showing you temperature vs fan speed.

You don’t have to worry about how computer’s safety; it lefts the Mac own fan system intact, which can actually override Fan Control in emergency situations, if by any chance temperature rises more than the safety levels.

If you have problems with this app or simply you don’t fell satisfied with it, you can uninstall it using AppCleaner.


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