How to delete ANY application in Mac

Do you have an app that you can’t uninstall? Maybe a panel in the System Preferences that you installed but now you want to get rid of? Sometimes deleting an app in Mac is not as easy as throwing them into the trash: you need to also delete all the files related to them. Doing that is a time-consuming, tedious task, but we have the solution! Keep reading

Image from official site

Image from official site

The solution has a name: AppCleaner.

With this free app you can easily uninstall any app within your Mac with just a click. It has 3 tabs:


Here you can browse through your apps and simply select the one you want to erase; once selected the program searches for all it’s related files, and then deletes them, even the .pkg apps


As with apps, but this time you can uninstall your widgets.


This one os probably the best of the 3, because most of the times, the hardest apps to delete are in this section. Those without an uninstaller, without an actual icon in your apps, or system tweaks, like FanControl or Perian.


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