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Data Backup 3 Review: The best way to be protected against a disaster!

Prosoft Engineering has a Master’s Degree on data management and data protection, Data Backup 3 is the ultimate tool for major changes on your computer Hard Drive Disk (HDD). This utility software help you with the creation of backups for your computer information, and it does it really well. The first time that you open Data Backup 3 several options will be unfamiliar to you,, but if you are a regular user don’t bother, just select a destination and what you want backup!

It is an amazing tool for those planing on changing their HDD, or maybe for keeping all of your precious information really secure and ready for any disaster. The interface is clean and it has an Information Log that will be really useful if you don’t know what you have to do.

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Reseña de Camera Plus Pro: Tus fotos profesionales están a un toque de distancia.

Cuando busques una aplicación de fotografía para tu iDevice te darás cuenta de que hay muchas, en verdad, muchas opciones, las cuales desde fuera se ven iguales y parece que hicieran lo mismo. Eso puede que sea cierto, pero algunas apps son mas que eso, como…

Camera Plus Pro de Global Delight

La probamos y para ser sinceros, estamos asombrados con esta app, es rápida, asombrosa y con filtros que no todas las demás tienen. Vamos a analizar la app punto por punto. La foto que les presentamos aquí fue tomada por uno de los autores de este blog con su iPhone 4S y Camera Plus Pro

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AirServer Review: AirPlay on Windows & Mac!

AirPlay is one of the features than can turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a mobile game console or a media center. Normally this feature is only available for the Apple TV, but that was the pass.

AirServer is a program for Windows and Mac that allows the use of your computer for AirPlay, this means that you can use your monitor as a screen for your iDevice. You can play all of your games on your computer screen using your iPhone as a controller and even add some Post Processing to make it look even better.

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Logitech Z506 Review: The best 5.1 surround system that won’t cost you an arm or leg

Logitech is a big company with great hardware products for PC and Mac. Their audio hardware is in my opinion one of the best value/price out there. In the market theres a big selection of speakers for your computer, some are really expensive and good, others are just overpriced and there’s the Z506, the best value package out there.

We currently own the X-530 Speaker set, the previous generation, and now the Z506, the X-530 successors. Between these two generations the design and audio quality was improved a little bid but not the price. They are almost identical in sound performance but the z506 have a few more connections options and a monitor stand for the central speaker. The only thing that I miss from the old-great X-530 speakers is the wall support absent in the Z506.

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Reseña de PopChar X: Si no encuentras tu caracter especial aquí… ¡No existe!

PopChar X es la mejor herramienta para caracteres especiales, y hablo en serio la MEJOR. Nunca había visto algo como esto, la lista de caracteres es realmente grande. Todos los que puedas imaginar están a un click de distancia.

Tal vez disfrutes al escribir alguna publicación en Facebook con muchos caracteres especiales y cosas que hagan que tu publicación sea única. Sé que algunas veces es muy complicado incluir esos caracteres tan raros, pero ya no más. PopChar X tiene todo lo que necesitas para escribir y su uso es tan sencillo que incluso tu abuela entenderá cómo utilizarlo.

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Encore Electronics 7.1 Channel USB Audio Box Review

Encore Electronics has a special deal for us with this product. It is an External Sound Card that connects with your computer via USB and is a lot cheaper than installing a new sound card that matches this performance. In the outside is a very small box with a great quality build, in the inside is a monster for this price, 30 USD and believe me, it is not a poor build.

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Pixelmator Review: A powerful but simple image editor for Mac

For all of you out there that are starting into photography, those who like photo editing but don’t like to spend hours learning to use Photoshop’s tools, or even if your hobby is photo and image edition, the perfect companion has arrived, and with all the power of you Mac!

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Data Rescue 3 Review: There’s no such thing as “lost data”

Say goodbye to those frustrating situations when you accidentally delete some important files in your hard drive and you are left to regret it. Say goodbye to losing your most valued photos stored in your computer after the hard drive suffers a critical error. No more “lost files”. Keep reading to find out how to recover any kind of lost file in your hard drive, from deleted archives to corrupted data. Everything is recoverable!

Data Rescue 3

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PopChar X Review: If you don’t find your special character here…it doesn’t exist.

PopChar X is the ultimate tool for special characters…and I really meant the “ultimate” part. I have never seen something like this, the list is just huge. All the special characters that you can imagine are one-click away.

Maybe you enjoy writing some cool wall post on Facebook with lots of special characters and things that make your wall post unique. I know that sometimes is difficult to enter those crazy, weird characters, but not anymore. PopCharX has everything you need for writing and is so simple to use that even your grandma will understand how to use it.

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