The new computer generation has begun

Windows 8 is almost here and Mountain Lion has almost a week old. These two OS have a lot of things in common, they have the same objective, mobile integration. The new race in software is to manage a total integration between mobile devices and computers, Microsoft has the lead.
20120730-105235 p.m..jpg
Actually Microsoft won this race, they do have a total integration with mobile devices and computers. Windows 8 is exact the same in the mobile devices and in the computers while Mountain Lion has a lighter integration and there’s difference between mobile OS and computer software.
But Microsoft went too far with Windows 8, the interface is just…confusing and really far from being intuitive, the icons and the Start Button are hidden and make them visible is not the simplest thing to do. I’m sure the normal Windows users will be very very disappointed with the new Windows because is really new, this ain’t a mortal Upgrade this is a new world. Lot of people and media are comparing Windows 8 with Vista, a big failure in the way, personally I admire Microsoft and the way they choose to make such a faith jump, but a classic view in the main menu with the same interface than Windows 7 will resolve a lot of problems.
Microsoft is developing their own store and the Xbox live market place for windows, several developing studios are worried about this, specially blizzard because Microsoft is pushing to have more control over Windows. At this time Windows 8 is not looking good, they have to polish some interface issues and enable the application access from the classic view mode, otherwise…just search for “my dad tries Windows 8 for the first time” and you will see.


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