TotalFinder, a must-have!

If you own a Mac, then you know what Finder is and how it works. Basically is a powerful file browser, but it has many other functionalities that are sometimes hidden or just unpractical. Do you want to be able to create tabs and move them, just like in Google Chrome? You want a dual-screen view? You want to easily access the Finder with only one key, from anywhere? Keep reading!

Image from the TotalFinder official site

Image from the TotalFinder official site

TotalFinder is a program created by BinaryAge which does what I just told you, and much more! Here are some of it’s great features:


Yes, they are just like Chrome’s, which means you can create as many as you want, rearrange them and even pull them out to create a new Finder window.

Dual view

For those moments when you need to move many files from one place to another, but you want to be able to easily see all the process, the solution is Dual View. You can activate it with the Cmd+U hotkey, and what it does is divide the Finder window in 2 sides; at the left everything is normal, but in the right side you get another window, with it’s own sidebar and tabs. That way you can access both from the same Finder window.


This option lets you have a special, hotkey-invoked finder window that works just as the normal one, but has some nice features, like the ability to “pin” it, so it doesn’t hide when you lose focus on the app. This is very useful for drag & drop tasks. It can be customized and you can have it independently of your Finder window.

Of course, there are many features that I didn’t mention, but nevertheless it’s a superb app, which is worth to the last cent. If you liked it, or you are interested in other BinaryAge products, check our articles about TotalSpaces and TotalTerminal.


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