Spaces in Mountain Lion

Are you one of those who loved how Spaces+Expose worked in Snow Leopard? Do you miss your grid configuration, where you could easily assign an app to a certain position? Do you want it back in Lion or Mountain Lion? Well, here at Genius at Everything we have the solution:

The solution we found is TotalSpaces, the newest software from BinaryAge, which replicates the Spaces feature present in Snow Leopard.

The software has many options to configure it as you want; I will talk about the main features:

Grid Arrangement

Yes, just like in the good old days. The grid is back, and now even more customizable than ever! You can have the normal Lion/Mountain Lion arrangement, with just one row and many columns, with full screen apps at the far right and the widgets at the far left side.

You can get 2×6, 3×5 or 4×4 arrays, and move between them horizontally or vertically.


You can define hotkeys to move between your desktops and to enter the Grid Overview mode. Note that you may have to disable the default Mission Control hotkeys or change them to avoid possible problems.


As with normal hotcorners, you can select one to activate the Grid Overview mode. Once in that mode, you just have to press the space bar to get the almighty Spaces+Expose combo.


You can select apps and anchor them to a certain desktop, so each time you open that app, it will be on the selected desktop. This feature remains even when you restart your computer, so don’t worry about losing your configuration. After some time, you will be able to get to the app you want by just getting its dedicated desktop, so you don’t even have to look where it is; you will always know!

Of course there are many other features, like disabling the transition between desktops or making it go faster, enable circulation, thus making possible to move from the end to the beginning without having to go back all the way, customized gestures to move between spaces and much more!

We totally recommend this wonderful software, and all the work from BinaryAge, like TotalFinder and TotalTerminal!


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