How To: Activate Safari Tabs and Notification Center in Mountain Lion

The notification center and the Safari tab browsing are two pretty cool features from Mountain Lion and Safari 6, but if you wanna activate the notification center it’s not too handy, you have to click in the upper right corner icon or slide two finger from right to left on a trackpad. The Safari tab can be easily open with a trackpad, just zoom out, but if you don´t have the trackpad you have to click at the end of the tabs in Safari. Let’s change those two to make them open with a shortcut.

First let’s change the Safari Tab shortcut. Go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts

Click on the “+”. A window will pop-up like in the photo, fill just like in the photo. You can change the shortcut, I used “Cmd+<” because is not in use and easy to access but you can use whatever you want, just make sure the shortcut is not in use.

And now for the notification center the process is even shorter. Just select Mission Control in the left bar and select your Shortcut by double clicking it (double click where the F5 is). I selected F5 because is practical to me and is unused, but you can select anything else.

Close Safari after selecting the shortcut (Apple Logo>Force Quit>Safari) And give a few seconds to Safari to assume the changes (like 30 seconds)


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