Improve your iDevice’s music quality

Nowadays the iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) offer an excellent music platform, but if you are one of those like me that love music and want to gat the best out of your new headphones, like Bose or Beats, you may have noticed that sometimes songs aren’t well balanced; they may have too much bass lines or have not enough mediums. If you want to be able to equalize each one of your songs in your iDevice and be able to perceive the most slight detail in each one, keep reading!

The perfect solution has a name: eQu.

eQu is an app that allows you to fully customize your song’s levels, and do it through a very intuitive and stylish way. This app integrates with the device like the default’s music app. You can change your songs from the locked screen, see the album’s cover and with the right headphones even use their controls to play/ pause music, change volume, and more.

When you open the app, you can see some presets that are ok, but with just one touch you can modify it and create your own. It has some nice options that allow you to do this with the maximum accuracy. The integration is perfect, so you can see all your playlists, album and artists like in the default music app. You can even create specific presets for a gender or an album. It is 100% customizable.

One thing: we do not recommend you to rise the volume of the equalizer without the “Safe Mode” in the device settings, as you could overcharge the volume and damage your headphones or even your ears!

The app is currently available in the App Store for the fair price of 2.99 USD; don’t misunderstand that; that app is worthy of that and more. If by any reason you still don’t want to pay for that, you could perform a Jailbreak to your device, and get that app and anyone else for free. To learn how to do that, check our tutorial.

The only “inconvenient” that we discovered about the app is the default low volume, but that can be easily solved by first rising all the song’s volume in iTunes and then synchronize our device.

Except for that,  must-have app for music lovers!

Translated by: Ander Murillo


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