Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iPad

If you have a jailbreaked iPad or you just jailbreaked your’s, you might wanna add some nice features through Cydia. If you haven’t done the jailbreak and you wanna do it here’s our Step by Step Tutorial for Unthered Jailbreak .

There are tons of things to download in Cydia so here’s a small list of tweaks that we think are cool and you might want to add to your iPad.

1.- FullScreen for iPad

This tweaks allows Safari in fullscreen mode with a little plus for browsing: gestures for new tabs, to navigate, two finger swipes and more. Those gestures can be personalized by the user.

2. – SwirlySMS for iPad 3G

With this tweak your iPad 3G will send native SMS messages, al you need is an SMS plan with your carrier.

3. – iFile

This is the ultimate file manager for your iDevice, you can control all the files on your iDevice with a simple browser. Copy, Cut, Erase, Edit, everything, just like in a PC or Mac.

4 . – ProTube HD

Full control of YouTube, browse YouTube like in a computer plus HD and SD downloads for all the videos, watch blocked videos and download high quality MP3 (up to 256 kbps). The videos are saved in the camera roll and the music in your music app, perfect integration with native apps. This is a pretty awesome apps for those who love YouTube.

5. – iKeyWi

Maybe you are the type of person that use your iPad a lot to send messages, Facebook, etc. With this tweak you will add another row in the top of your keyboard and you can personalize those keys with emoticons from emoji and more. If you press alt the row will change so you will have another row to customize with more emoticons. Really useful if you write with a lot of expressions or emoticons.


One comment on “Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iPad

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