Ghost Recon Future Soldier; from now on you’ll need to become a true ghost

This is the last title released by Ubisoft so far, and his biggest bet yet. Ghost Recon Future Soldier has got a whole turn with respect to last games, changing from the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2’s open war to a more tactic, sneaky game, where surprise factor can turn the tide of a battle.

In some missions, being spotted by the enemy equals failure, because it will provoque waves of enemies to go after you; If you go silent you can avoid those hot situations. Speaking of them, all the realistic sounds in the game and the excellent graphics will make you fell inside the game.

The main character is part of an elite squad of Ghost Recon soldiers. You have at your disposition the newest technology available, like active camouflage that activates when you are crouching, UAV’s, EMP grenades, combat robots and much more! The game has a new function called “Sync Shot”, which allows you to choose and sneakily eliminate up to 4 targets at once; it’s a good option if you want to keep yourself under the radar.

The game has multiplayer versus mode, single player campaign and a skirmish mode, all of them with options for co-op. Action is really intense and the militar atmosphere is perfectly well achieved; despite of Captain Scott Michels’ absence, we have new characters, each one of them with a specific purpose in the story.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a very good game, well done and an excellent option…except for PC. That’s right; so far the PC game is flooded with bugs that reduce the quality and playability of the game, Further more, it has a terrible graphic’s performance. Apart from that, the game is 100% recommendable if you like 3rd Person Shooters, and even more if you are one of those who love to customize your weapons from zero.

Translated by: Ander Murillo 


3 comments on “Ghost Recon Future Soldier; from now on you’ll need to become a true ghost

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