Hendrix, and ultimate experience.

The Ultimate Experience is  a compilation CD from 1992 with the best songs from the rock god Jimi Hendrix. There´s no much to say about it, perfection is the last name of this CD and If you wanna take a trip to this awesome music world this is the starting point. Maybe you heard about Hendrix in some place or with a friend, but you don´t have time to listen an select the best recordings from this artist, and thats ok but you need this CD to add some of the greatest rock songs of history to your library.

And yes when I say some of the greatest I’m talking about Purple Haze, Hey Joe, All Along The Watchtower and almost all the CD. Along with One by The Beatles this album is a key piece of rock history and believe me, this is some psychedelic rock.

Hendrix was crazy but a very wise person. He played the guitar and sing at the same time and boy, he really knew how to play a guitar. Several great quotes of rock history are by Hendrix like this one “I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” 

When you listen to this album you can imagine colors and things flying around cause the music is so light, so genius and so good that you can feel Hendrix’s emotions in the guitar. He was the first person that really used an electric guitar, an even today nobody has matched his incredible skills. Nobody is even close to be as good as he was.


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