Cocktail Recipe: Tequila Sunrise

This is a classic cocktail, with a small twist to keep it new! The perfect companion on those great nights or the hot days at the beach.



-Orange Juice

-Squirt (or any Grapefruit Soft Drink)

-Grenadine syrup

-Ice (in cubes or smashed)


1) Put ice up to 1/2 of the glass.

2) Add 1 & 1/2 oz (50 ml) of tequila.

3) Pour orange juice and the grapefruit soft drink at discretion; don’t fill the glass yet!

4) Add grenadine depending on how sweet you want the cocktail; make sure to do it slowly to let the syrup settle at the bottom.

5) Cheers!


8 comments on “Cocktail Recipe: Tequila Sunrise

  1. Yes, you have rightly said this cocktail is for the one who love to try something different because of Tequila. Thanks for sharing this recipe and tell me which type of soft drinks can I ideally add to this other than Grapefruit.

    • Well, if you want to maintain the typical flavor, you can add practically any citric-flavored soft drink, like Mountain Dew or 7-Up (depending on where you live you may have different brands, but citrus flavor is the key.

      If you, on the other hand, are willing to experiment a little bit further, you could add Ginger Ale or even “Arizona Iced Tea”, mainly Mango, Strawberry and Lemon flavors.

      Don’t forget that the most important part is that YOU like the cocktail, so don’t be afraid of experimenting by yourself 🙂

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