Which smartphone to buy?

¿Android or iOS? That’s an important decision to make. Well, of course we also have Windows Phone, but is it actually good? ¿Is Blackberry as bad as it’s said? “I don’t wanna know anything about sophisticated specs, I just want to have Facebook and WhatsApp” On this ever-changing world, technology takes enormous steps each year, and smartphones follow it’s path. Than can make all this “technical specs” thing really confusing for those who are not so well informed.

This post is exactly about that. We will help you to choose your correct smartphone by making all this “technology world” accessible for even the most misinformed people. To do that, we took the time to make a small comparative chart, where you can easily see the strong points and weak points of each one of our 6 selected “emblematic” smartphones.

Grades go from 1 to 5, being 5 the best note.


-Android phones sometimes can get an error when downloading an app. However, generally speaking there are much more possibilities related to the type of app you can get from Google Play compared to the ones in the Apple’s App Store. Nokia’s app store has very limited content.

-Despite of iPhone’s 8MP camera, it has excellent optic lenses (here some pics taken with it), so the photos taken are really state-of-the-art for mobile phones, with the exception of certain Nokia models which have Carl Zeiss Optics.

-Phones with “cero” on software got that because they no longer release any software updates.

-Final grades don’t take into account Software Updates, since it’s almost no relevant for most users.

-Blackberry’s price/value ratio is, in our opinion, bad. This because it has the average price for many new smartphones but without all the new technology on it. We think it will fit you if your only needs are within social networks and messaging, but definitely not photography.

-Installing and un-installing apps in the Blackberry Curve can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

-One of the hardest questions to answer is: iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S-II. Speaking with all the truth, they are both really good devices; about prices, Samsung S-II can be obtained contract-free for 500 USD, while the cheaper iPhone costs 649 USD contract-free (all prices are according to official sites, visited at the time this article is being written). They both have about the same specs and features, and can do almost the same things. Choosing between this 2 models should be more about personal likes.

-About the low grade at Apple’s iPhone customization, it can be greatly improved by performing a Jailbreak. Learn everything about it here!

Translation by: Ander Murillo


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  1. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!

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